Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sewing Project

In order to get out my sewing machines, it took me two days of puttering around my sewing area now and then to get it ready for sewing. I just cannot start a new project without clearing out the old. But once everything was ready - oh it felt so good to sit behind the sewing machines again. It was my first project to incorporate both my machines and having them set up at right angles to each other was very handy!

For her birthday, Mystie requested that I make her a new apron from a 1940s style pattern I bought several years ago. It reminded me of the apron my grandmother used to wear all the time. You pop it over your head, then arms go through the large arm area. It wraps around to hang mostly open in the back, but has ties to keep it in place. With nice big pockets on the side, and made in denim, it should make a great cover during cooking, or even gardening! The pattern calls for using double-sided bias tape around the edge, but I decided to use my serger to serge the edges in contrasting white - after all, it is just an apron! It went together really fast, which is good because the party for Mystie and grandson Jaeger (who just turned one) is this afternoon! As always, I'm pushing the time envelope, but I got it done with three hours to spare, so not too bad. :)

Thank you for all the congratulations on our wedding anniversary. We had a marvelous dinner at a new restaurant in town, The Bonefish Grill. There was a 40 minute wait for seating when we arrived, so we got our pager and headed for the bar. The entertainment there was watching the bartender slam those drinks together in a constant, methodical, rapid pace. The specialty of the house is fresh fish and seafood and DH surprised me by ordering Diabolo Shrimp Fettucini - he normally shies away from seafood and fish. I had scallops and shrimp. When the dishes arrived, it soon became apparent that my plate was more appealing to Gary than his own. The probable cause was that he was already full from the appetizer and salad, and the beer! Both dishes were excellent, so I cheerfully swapped plates with him and took a little more than half the fettucini home with me. (Which I have just finished for lunch. Yum!)

We then thought we'd try to see a movie, but nothing that is currently playing appealed to us. So we took a walk around the mall, then headed home to watch dvds of Numbers and Boston Legal. Really pathetic, huh! Guess we've been married too long, lol!

It'll soon be time to go to DD Mystie's for the party. Following that we have a graduation open house to attend. Better look through my cards for something appropriate.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Rose "By Appointment" and

Slope to my back yard


Jenna said...

Wow, look at that crafting are you have! It looks wonderful. :) The apron turned out great and your pictures of your roses and the entrance to your backyard are lovely!

StitchCat said...

The garden and roses are looking good. I would die to have a sewing/crafting area like you have. What a great amount of space. Lucky thing :) My crafting area extends to my cabinets in the dining room..the sewing machine is brought out onto the dining table (the sewing table has the phone and other things on), and I have one corner of the lounge piled up with current WIPs (beside my end of the sofa).

~Harsha~ said...

that apron is lovely! Well done!

Singular Stitches said...

Very nice sewing room! I'm with you. I've been wanting to sew and get some rubber stamping done, but I have to dig down to actually see some flat surfaces! LOL!

The apron looks great!

Rachael said...

Happy birthday to Mystie! Another Gemini!! Cangrats on your Anniversary. It's not easy to stay married 27 years. We had our 20th last Monday. After my Birthday on Sunday we almost forgot aboout it. Your seafood dinner sounds yummy though. I coiuld have gone for that. Your sewing space is fantastic- I want a craft room (whine ,cry) and Mystie's apron is cute- German women still, often wear similar aprons.

Lana said...

Happy anniversary!

Lelia said...

What beautiful outdoor photos! Just stunning flowers : )

Lovely apron. I want one too : ) LOL I remember my Aunt always wore a blue one ... exactly that design.

Your craft/sewing room makes me drool. Makes my corner so pitiful!

Dianne said...

What a neat apron! You could have fun embellishing them if you had the time-like with a saying or cute yo-yo flowers. ; )
Your gardens look fab too.
I wish I had a sewing area too!

Lili said...

Lovely roses and a perfect place for sewing! I don't know how to sew, but I must say that not having a special place to display the fabric and machine and all doesn't encourage me: I sew on the dinner table... not very practical!
DH and I often end up at home and watch a DVD for celebrations. So what?! lol!!!
Take care!

karensff said...

That apron looks lovely. I'm sure my gran had one like it too. What a fantastic space you have for your crafts. All of mine are in the corner of my bedroom.


bunnyhead said...

I am so drooling over your crafting area. What a lovely yard you have.

Annemarie said...

That apron would almost make housekeeping appealing to me. It looks fabby! Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary. Watching dvds at home: what's wrong with that?

Cathy said...

I tried to post a comment earlier but blogger wasn't cooperating! :(
Happy belated anniversary. Your landscaping project is coming along nicely!

Coral said...

Please tell me what serging is. I use fray check on my cross stitching fabric to seal the edges. Is is similar? And why do people send their fabric away to be serged? Thank you in advance for helping me understand the word and process.