Saturday, June 24, 2006

Friday Activities & SBQ

This picture is little old as the outside work on the windows is complete. However, it does show the underside of the deck (and can you spy to birds nest in the V of the post in the center of the photo?) which is where I spent the afternoon. You can see that the railing above is stained a gray color, well, I'm finally getting around to staining all the deck, incluing the underside.

By yesterday evening I had completed a little more than one-half of the underside and posts with one coat of stain. Today I plan to finish that one coat and start a second.

Yesterday I also did a little Costco shopping, internet browsing (garden plans and a few blogs), and watched the landscapers almost finish the back yard job. Next week they will put the capstone on the little dividing wall and be done! The window guys didn't make it back to finish framing the upstairs windows inside - you know the story, the electrician didn't come to the morning's job so pushed back everything else scheduled for the day. Same ol'. Nothing to be done about that. In the evening, while DH was at poker, I had stamp club. We made two cards, the multi-colored one was done with a brayer. I have one but haven't used it in a long time and had forgotten how much fun it is! The blue one didn't photograph well as it's very dimensional.

Oooo, I also had a little package in the mail this week. I ordered Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Garden Sampler thinking ahead to the Christmas season coming up. These little samplers are actually quickly stitched up and always delightful. And this time I went ahead and ordered the bellpull hardware at the same time in hopes that I would actually get it onto the hardware and on the wall, lol!

Today's SBQ was suggested by Vash as is:
Have you ever used a magnifying glass while stitching? If so, did you find it helpful?

My answer is yes! I have a magnifier that has a neckband and sits on my chest that I picked up in a clearance bin years and years ago before I ever needed such a thing. When I hit my middle forties, I found a little extra help with high count linens made a big difference in my comfort level in stitching and the neatness of the stitches - since I could see them well, hehehe! So when I have a project on 32ct or more, out comes the magnifier and I'm a happy stitcher.


lena-lou said...

You sure keep busy! The stamp cards are good fun to do and with superquick results compared to xstitch. The gingerbread sampler will be lovely I shall look forward to seeing it finished in future months ;-)

Kath said...

A belated happy birthday to you Von, looks as if it was a good one even with the workmen around.

I know what it is like with the renovations thing, it's lovely to see them arrive, it's lovely to see them go home! Looking good too.

Judith said...

I will be very happy seeing you stitching gingerbread garden. I just love it, maybe I will buy it too.

Barbara said...

Aha, so those around-the-neck magnifiers work okay? I wear glasses, so the glasses-magnifiers don't seem practical, but I would definately benefit from some sort of "help" with over-one stitching on 36 count & above!

The work photo is great - can't wait to see how everything is by the end of the summer (when the dust has settled, so to speak).

Von said...

Barbara, I don't mind my around the neck magnifier, altho I've seen some bloggers post that they definitely don't like them. I don't have a stitching floor or table frame to clamp a magnifier onto, but perhaps I'll consider buying a frame in the future. For now, my magnifier is small, easily put away, it was cheap so I'm not frantic if it gets knocked around a little by the kids.

I have friends in the smocking guild that have the headgear magnifiers and really like them because they don't knock them off, like can happen with the neck strap. You can get all set up, then reach for your coffee and knock the thing off your chest, lol! Guess I have a little more patience for such things right now, especially when I'd rather spend my $ on other things. :D

Lili said...

Interesting remarks about the neck magnifier, I would really need one when stitching one on one.
The VS sampler is a wonder! I can't wait to see your work on it!
Hold on with those works!

Wendy said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Von! Your day sounds wonderful. Its great to see all the progress going on in your house. Keep those pictures coming!!

Cheryl in DC said...

Your renovation is coming along really nicely and quickly. I'm amazed that your team hasn't dragged this out.

The Victoria Sampler trunk show is currently at my LNS ( I thought of you when I saw it was coming. I visited on Saturday. It was such a pleasure to see so many stitched VS pieces at once. I managed to restrain myself, but I've been eyeing the gingerbread piece.

Isabelle said...

Ooooh... I love that VS Sampler. What a great acquisition.
I should definitely acquire a magnifier or I won't be able to do much over-one stitching. I'm so short-sighted!

I hope you (and your workmen) aren't too hot...