Saturday, May 13, 2006

What's a Bunco?!

I'm sorry, my friends, that I neglected to explain what a Bunco game is! It's really a simple dice game that would be a little difficult for me to explain, so instead I'll point you to this website which explains things quite well.

As with most things, there are variations to the rules depending on each group. My group was started as a Mom's Night Out by the Mothers of Multiples club I belong to and we've been playing for twelve years. We each pay $5 a month to play, money going to next month's hostess to buy the gifts. Usually the hostess will have some kind of theme in mind and the score cards and gifts will reflect that theme. It's just fun to get together, chat, and nibble, and throw some dice around - and perhaps go home with a gift.

In general, I have pretty good luck and often go home with a prize, as I did Thursday evening. Sometimes I feel a little guilty about winning too often and am glad if some scheduling conflict comes up and I have to have a replacement. It just seems strange how some people seem to have a propensity for losing or winning - it's all just a game of chance!


Carol said...

Happy Mother's Day Von!

~Harsha~ said...

Sounds like fun! Happy Mothers Day sweetie :)

Mel in Dubai said...

Cool game! Thank you :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Rachael said...

Bunko's is fun although I haven't had a chance to play in a long tme.
Hope you are having a very Happy Mother's Day. The pot's of flowers that the boys made you are really nice.

Cathy said...

I remember that my mom and her sisters and cousins always played Bunco at wedding showers. I'm not sure I know how to play the game, but I recognized the name!

You also received a lovely birthday gift from Rachael!

Have a great Mother's Day!

Sew-in-Love said...

Funny how some games just catch on huh? We can't buy the US game 'Sequence' easily here in the UK, so when someone has it, they're WELL popular!!!


cathymk said...

Sounds like a fun game and a nice night together.

bunnyhead said...

I am in a Bunco group that meets the first Monday of every month. We play with slightly different than standard rules... they have evolved over the years. Always a good time. :) It's funny... I always thought Bunco waqs a 'southern thing' but I guess it is everywhere!

Lelia said...

For a long time, Bunco was the ONLY game at 'showers' & I enjoyed the idea of bringing a gift + going home with a special prize.

I enjoyed the game : )