Saturday, May 27, 2006

I haven't really been kidnapped by aliens. I'm still alive and feeling much better following a lovely weekend at Lake Chelan! We left home Saturday afternoon, a beautiful sunny day with the sky full of huge cumulus clouds. No stopping until we arrived at our destination three hours later, a lovely house on Wapato Point in the little village of Manson. It's just a little thing called "The Pines", five bedrooms, five bathrooms and for two days I pretty much had the whole thing to myself!

Our hosts were Viking/Dairyland Insurance companies and some of their representatives shared the homes with us (they rented two houses). They are very gracious hosts providing all kinds of goodies for breakfast and snacks and a barbecue steak dinner on Monday evening.

There wasn't much shopping in Chelan, so I begged off going into town Sunday and Monday mornings, preferring to sit in the quiet house, turn on the gas fireplace and stitch to my heart's content. I was able to complete all I could of the Thistle treasure bag, worked on finishing the lettering on "Stitch" banner, then started the VS Blue Carnations needleroll that Jenna sent to me awhile back. (Pictures will be posted a few days from now.) So with the quiet house, stitching, good company, great food, I just don't think life could possibly be much better than that.

In fact, all that relaxation softened my mind, and when we left the house for good on Tuesday, I forgot to check under the bed (which never would have happened if I'd had the kids with me). Guess what I left there. . . my computer! I just couldn't believe it. But with no internet connection at the house, I didn't use my computer much, it's in a black case, and I just didn't see it! We got all the way home before we realized what we'd done. All is well though. The property management company found it next day and shipped it off to me.

On our way home, we decided to take a little detour and visit Leavenworth. It's a little railroad town that has been given a German Bavarian theme and is a great tourist town. Each building is done up a little differently, many of them sporting murals of German themes. I spent lots of time in a wonderful Christmas decor shop and in a shop that carried Russian items. Oh my, what gorgeous blue and white china, some highlighted with 24 ct. gold!

We ate a quick lunch in an outdoor beer garden and luckily were not rained on. I was just a little surprised at how many visitors there were midweek in the middle of May. It must be almost impossible to move around the town in high season!

Well, I hardly unpacked my bags and had done only one load of laundry when we decided that we really should spend the Memorial Day weekend in Boise visiting family. DH's dad is recovering really well from his hip replacement surgery and is getting out of bed now and is standing up for short periods of time. Please remember the man is 84 years old and has been in bed for 7 months! He's ecstatic to be making some progress finally and it's great to see him with a sparkle in his eyes again!

When we get home again, I'll have my computer unpacked (I'm still using dh's when I can) and can spend a little more time catching up on my blog reading and blog writing! Until then, I wish you all a happy weekend!


Lili said...

I envy you! I wish I had a complete week end, all attended for, without kids... And Leavenworth looks fun!
Thanks for sharing, Von!

Lelia said...

Hi Von: Good to hear about your week-end trip to Lake Chelan. Sounds like a nice place to stitch & recover from a head cold!! Leavenworth looks quite charming & busy. What an interesting town with loads of nice places to browse.

Enjoy your Memorial Day activities, too. Nothinging like coming home for laundry & packing again.

Karoline said...

Glad to hear you had a great trip and plenty of stitching time, enjoy your holiday weekend

Cathy said...

Oooh Von, what a great trip! I've always wanted to go to Leavenworth - if I ever get out to Washington State again that will be one of my stops!

Hot and humid here in MN!

lena-lou said...

Leavenworth looks a lovely place to visit, I love Christmas shops there is one I go to when we are in Scotland. I can't believe you left without your computer...nightmare!! Glad you are feeling better :-)

Joanie said...

What a lovely weekend! It sounded very restful and peaceful. Glad you had a nice time and that you got some stitching time in..lucky you!!!

~Harsha~ said...

sounds like you had a great time.. !!

Barbara said...

LOL - kids are good for so much! I am glad to read that your computer was quickly returned to you, otherwise it wouldn't be a very funny story. Can't wait to see the pictures of all that glorious, restful stitching!!