Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring is Birthday Season

It has begun. With spring comes birthdays. Melanie's is on March 21, Kirsten's is April 4, Geoff's is April 10, Brendan's is May 3, and Mystie's is June 1. When planning all these spring babies, my budget was not a consideration. I was just thinking about the best time of year to get through pregnancy!

Parties don't happen for my kids every year, but we do try to do something special. One tradition is that dad takes the birthday child out for ice cream the evening before the birthday to celebrate the last day of being xx years old. A special family dinner will usually occur sometime around the birthday, if the family schedule is crazy on the day. Probably a friend or two will come over to spend the night. And sometimes, there is a party!

This year, Melanie turned 18 on Tuesday. Well, ya gotta have a party, right! She's planning a costume bunco party here on Saturday. It'll be lots of fun and we'll finally get to meet some of her friends from community college. Another good thing about her party is that she can do so much of the preparation and planning herself - hehe.

Kirsten has a million ideas for her party. I think I'll try to hold her to just a few friends coming here to the house for something simple. Maybe a game and a couple of craft projects plus dessert.

Geoff will be 21 and he's going all out to celebrate. He and DH are leaving on March 28 to spend a week in Japan! One of Geoff's good friends is getting married in Tokyo on April 1. He'll be on spring break from school, has money in savings, and a great excuse to make the trip. DH is going since it's no fun traveling alone, and he has lots of experience with foreign travel. The passports have arrived and all is set. Can't wait to hear all the great stories!

This afternoon Brendan gets two or four teeth extracted - we'll just see how it goes. These teeth have to come out before the next phase of orthodontia, which we believe will be a palate spreader. Oh, the joy!

Thanks everyone for your enthusiastic comments about my "P" design. The name of the silk floss is Honey Blues, Thread Gatherer Silk 'n Colors, for those who were wondering. Stitching has been set aside most evening this week, but I have worked a little on the Shepherd's Bush ornament from the JCS mags. I'll post a pic when I have a little more progress to report.

I hope Spring will finally show herself to those of you living in those areas where Winter still has you in his grasp! It's been lovely to be outside mucking around again!


~Harsha~ said...

sounds like you'll be having a busy busy and wonderful spring!

Annemarie said...

With all these birthdays coming up, it's a miracle you're still sane! But the parties you have planned sound like such fun. And, let's face it, a birthday party in Japan is the mother of all birthday parties! Wow.
I'm glad you're enjoying the first few days of spring!

Christine Doyle said...

Ooo! A trip to Japan is a very cool way of celebrating a birthday! You will have to hint on some wonderful fabrics to jump in a suitcase on the way back!

Dawn said...

yikes! Your gonna be one busy mom. :)

Barbara said...

Whew, good luck with all those birthdays! Sounds like a busy time! We have two in February, then one in April, so there's a bit of breathing room in between. ;-)

Lili said...

It sounds great, Von! I am not in a blogging or even computer mood lately, but I am trying to stay tuned... I really love this ice cream tradition to celebrate the last day being the old age... Your progress on sheperd's bush ornies is so beautiful! And you're right about the two threads for the letters: it's fine. Sometimes, I double the number of threads for letters myself...
Take care, dear Von!