Thursday, February 02, 2006

SBQ and More VS

SBQ - This week's SBQ was inspired by my visit with Dawn and is:

With the exception of your online stitching friends, do you have any
other stitching buddies?

I belong to the local smocking guild which encourages all the needle arts, so I meet at least monthly with them. A couple of the long-time members are very knowledgeable in many types of embroidery and lace making and are excellent mentors :)

But my long-time best friend and stitching buddy would be Connie. She started me in xs when we had our first little babies, and has been an inspiration to me ever since!

My oldest dd just brought over an old xs magazine I gave her several years ago with a project she wants to do!! Hurray! My middle daughter has no interest in needles and thread (she's a paint and pencil girl), and my youngest dd says she wants to learn and tries now and then, but just hasn't had the ability to sit still long enough - yet.

Now, more of the trunk show!

Summer Dreams

Autumn Romance

Child of Spring

Crystal Waters Sampler


Terri said...

Fantastic, lovely, beautiful!! Keep the Trunk Show coming!! Love ALL of them. Thank you - thank you
Such a treat.

Bastet said...

Thanks for giving us the peek! I've stitched a few of the ones you've posted and I'm a bit ashamed of how mine look to the pictures. Incentive! That's it...

Jenna said...

I loved seeing three out of the four seasons designs, since I have all of them in my stash. It's so nice to see them stitched up!

Lili said...

Hi Von! I'm catching up on two days. How beautiful! These wonderful things you're kindly showing us are an inspiration, really! You'll see why in my next post (but it might not be done before monday...).
Take care!

Sylvie said...

They are gorgeous, congrats!!!

Barbara said...

It must be so fun to belong to a guild and have fellow stitching enthusiasts to get together with!

BeckySC said...

WOW, I wish we were all there :) LOL!! What a wonderful treat for you and for us...thanks to you :)

Hugs :)

Chelle said...

Holy smokes, they are beautiful! Wow!!