Monday, December 19, 2005

The Countdown Begins

Partying was the theme for the weekend! Saturday evening the Mothers of Twins club met in the beautiful home of one of our members. Everyone brought a dish of goodies to share, and almost everyone brought a bottle of wine! We all certainly planned to have a good time - and we did. There's always lots of talk about the kids, of course, but lots of catching up in other areas of our lives too. We played a couple of games and I won a $25 gift certificate to Anthony's (a very nice seafood restaurant)! That'll pay for a drink and an appetizer, lol!

Sunday evening was the Mid-Columbia Insurance party, the company of which my husband is part owner. We met at a nice hotel in town for a prime rib/salmon/chicken oscar dinner including some lovely hors d'oevres, salad w/pear vinagrette, and two beautiful chocolate desserts. The ladies (all the employees are women) all exchange presents, as well as a Chinese auction-style gift exchange for which the company provides the gifts. A nice evening and all the gals get their Christmas bonus as an added incentive to attend!

The Monster Inversion was swept out of town Sunday and we had a beautifully sunny day!! The sun was promptly swept out today by a little snow, topped off with some freezing rain. But the roads weren't too awful and by 11 a.m., I ventured out to do a little Christmas shopping. A dent was made in my shopping list, but there's more still to do. Plus there's shopping for meals, and I must decide what the martini of the year will be! For the past several years, I've served a particular mixed drink or martini. One year was a Lemon Drop martini, another we served an Emerald City which was a very Christmasy green with a red cherry! DH's brother tended bar in his younger years and he sometimes joins me in mixology and creates his own. One huge success was his Skittles martini - can't remember the recipe tho, lol!

I'm zeroing in on that alphabet project, then I'll probably not be stitching for about a week. Gary's brother and family will arrive Friday, my sister and her family get here Saturday, so there's lots of housecleaning and food shopping to be done!

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Cathy said...

The Countdown true and how quickly time flies when there's so much to do.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope to do more stitching and blogging when the holidays are over!