Monday, December 05, 2005

The Confection Selection was a success once again and all eleven loaves of my cinnamon swirl bread were sold. There were about seven long tables filled with wonderful baked goods and candies for people to choose from. Before the event started pictures were taken of certain items that will be available to preorder on-line next year! We'll have personalized gingerbread men for grandmas to give to their grandchildren for example :) All the better to raise more money for the Crisis Pregnancy Center! Zoanna, how wonderful that you have worked so closely with the center in Baltimore!

The rest of the afternoon was mostly spent in finishing my SAGA exchange ornament and watching movies on tv - most enjoyable! In the evening we had our monthly Gracefull Dinner at the DeWinkle's home. Sunday after church, was the SAGA Christmas party and ornament exchange. I received Laura's ornament, a crocheted snowflake; Monica got my ornament. I believe she received mine last year too! Good thing she likes hardanger :)


Kim said...

Cute ornaments and that bread sounds I'm getting hungry. ;) Sounds like you had a great time. :) We still have lots of snow here and it's -4 out there, I'd take 42F about now. :D

Jenna said...

Mmmmm... cinnamon swirl bread! At this time of year, are you really surprised that they sold out? Wonderful. :)

Your SAGA ornament turned out perfectly; I'm glad that Monica liked it. But honestly, are there actually people (who appreciate needlework) who don't like hardanger?! It's so lacy and beautiful, what's not to like? LOL

Barbara said...

Lovely ornaments. I bet the cinnamon bread had mouths watering. How's the weather situation?

Von said...

Hi Barbara! The weather here isn't too bad, but it is on the cold side. Temps have been around 30 degrees F. in the day, down to 20-25 at night. But no wind, no snow - no sun either.

BeckySC said...

Hi Von :)
Love the ornaments...your hardanger looks GREAT!!! Congrats :)

I can almost smell that yummy looking bread :) :) :) Mmmmmmm

Have a great day :)

cathymk said...

Love the ornaments, Von. They are gorgeous!