Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Productive Day

Today was another beautiful fall day! DH took the youngest three kids out to Sacajawea State Park for the Lewis and Clark Heritage Days celebration where they saw lots of exhibits about the L&C expedition and the local Indians. While they were gone, I graded some schoolwork, then decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Geoff and I went to the carwash and cleaned up my XP (Ford Expedition), then I began to put the final wheelbarrows of soil mixture onto my future rose garden. It feels so good to have that project finished so that we can continue on to the next project. I'm hoping that next spring our ever-patient neighbors will have something much more pleasant to look at than piles of dirt, compost, rocks and roots!

I think I'll correct a little more schoolwork, then move on to some stitching.

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