Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Chickenpox, We Hope!

Yesterday I received a call from the mother (Patty) of Kirsten's friend, Sarah. Sarah and her brother Ethan have just recovered from the chickenpox and the youngest, Lily, was just breaking out with the pox! She was definitely going to be home in the afternoon if I would like to bring Kirsten over to play and expose her to the chickenpox. Would I ever!! Kirsten is the only child who hasn't had them yet, and I'd really like that to happen before she gets much older. So off we went to the Adkins' new home in Horn Rapids. Kirsten and Sarah read books to Lily and played some games with Lily watching intently, and spent some time sneaking snacks in the pantry together. Patty gave me a tour of their new home and the new landscaping that had been finished just before we arrived, then we had some tea and conversation while the girls played. Now I just pray that in two weeks' time, Kirsten will have a case of the chickenpox and one more little childhood episode will be behind us!

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