Thursday, February 04, 2016

Sunny San Antonio

Last week Gary and I got away from the office for a few days to enjoy San Antonio, TX, and to attend a conference for Insurance Agency Owners Alliance. The conference was at the Menger Hotel, a historic hotel located next to the Alamo and just minutes away from the Riverwalk.

As you can see, the sun was shining and I grabbed every opportunity during breaks and lunch to get outside and soak in some rays! We also enjoyed some delicious meals down on the Riverwalk. This trip to S.A. we walked down to the Pearl district where we got a little refreshment at the Southerleigh Brewery before walking back downtown via the Riverwalk and catching a water taxi for the last bit.

We love San Antonio and can't wait to visit again!

I got a wee bit of stitching done on the airplane down to Texas.

This is February from the Joyful World SAL, worked on 32 ct Belfast in antique ivory using DMC floss.

Before leaving I made a bit of progress on Red Velvet Inscription.

We've been busy since coming home, but tonight we'll have a bit of fun. The Reach Interpretive Center is having an artist reception for the artists who have had their paintings of local landscapes on display. Our daughter, Melanie Thompson, will be one of the artists and it'll be great to see her paintings in a different setting than a gallery!

Monday, January 25, 2016


I should have known.

Thursday evening I finished stitching the xs section of "Rose Garden" by Victoria Sampler. The next thing to do was begin cutting and withdrawing threads for hardanger weaving. I thought to myself, "I should set this aside and do the cutting on a Saturday morning." But this Saturday morning I had a church group meeting, the next Saturday I will be out of town, so I went ahead and started to cut.

Everything went quite well when I was cutting the corners. But when I went ahead to cut the longer sections on the sides, one slip of the snip and four threads were cut that are not supposed to be cut! See below:

Right there in the center - loose fabric threads!

Sigh. It's not the end of the world and it's fixable. But it's a pain. I could just start over, but I think I'll suck it up one of these days and use the pulling of the threads and reweaving as practice.

I love hardanger and these things happen, even when well rested and with great light. So fixing this mistake will be adding to my skill, right?

What would you do?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Square One

Red Velvet Inscription Sampler by Blue Ribbon Designs is my big project for this year. I bought it almost a year ago and progress has been so slow. It's my first project on 40 ct. and I haven't adjusted to it very well. But when I picked it up this time, I used a different needle and everything changed for the better! I even got a start on the next square just to finish out the evening's stitching time.

Organizing seems to be the thing to do this time of year and I've been doing a little bit here and there. I found some old wips in a bag and last night I pulled one out to work on.

This is Victoria Sampler's "Rose Garden" from the Beyond Cross Stitch Series. You can see there's quite a bit stitched and since I didn't see any glaring problems, I spent some time on it. After stitching on 32 ct and 40 ct, this 28 ct seems huge!

While stitching last night I watched A&E's War and Peace that I had DVRed. Like Downton, the sets and photography are lovely, and Lily James (Rose) is featured. Since actually reading War and Peace isn't something I've been able to do, I thought watching this mini series might be a decent substitute.

The weekend is coming, but first I have Story Hour Friday morning with my preschoolers and must get the craft ready and the flannelgraph figures sorted out before settling in to stitch tonight. Then next week Gary and I have a trip I need to get ready for - that means laundry!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Finished with January

Well, January from the Joyful World SAL that is. This was a really fun little project to stitch and I'm getting the supplies for the February design together. But before I start that one, I'd better go through my WIPs and see about making progress on some old projects.

I hope you had an enjoyable MLK weekend. Son Kevin and his wife came down from Cheney to visit. He helped Gary get all the Christmas decorations from our offices put back up into the attic space. It was so nice to come in to the office this afternoon to find all the boxes gone! He also was able to help with Kirsten's flat tire on her car. We ended up called roadside assistance to get the tire changed, then took it to Les Schwab for a new set of tires and alignment. Wish we'd realized before winter hit how worn her tires were and so thankful for God's protecting her when she was driving on snowy roads!

The football season is over for us Seattle Seahawks fans. I'm really glad I was in church and missed the first half of that game against the Panthers. But I can't get too upset over this season when I can remember so many years when the team was mediocre at best. At least the last few years we've had a team to be excited about!

As for the SuperBowl, if it's between the Panthers and Patriots, I'll be hate watching the game, lol!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stitching and Downton

This week I've spent the evenings making progress on Maja's SAL for this year and watching seasons 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey on my Kindle Fire. A pretty nice combination for gray winter evenings!

This morning we are getting a little sunshine break while another storm system is approaching the coast and will get to us this weekend. But most of the rain will have fallen before it gets here and we'll just get the remnants. Because of all the storms we've had, the mountains around us have better than average snow pack, and the irrigators and skiers are very happy!

Tonight is my Bunco night, so stitching time will be limited. Maybe I'll just make a quick dinner of scrambled eggs and get in a few stitches before the game. And speaking of games, congratulations to Alabama football fans and the team for winning the National Championship! That was a great game and everyone involved should be proud of their efforts.