Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Baking

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, my family expects to get their Christmas bread - cinnamon swirl loaf. It's pretty much like cinnamon rolls but without the frosting and baked in a loaf.

First off I had to buy a new 50 pound bag of wheat so I could mill it into fresh flour. This really is the secret to its deliciousness.

Then my Bosch mixer goes into action. I can knead 5-6 loaves of bread at one time with that baby! Ten loaves of bread were baked on Saturday, and one 17 pound turkey was smoked and roasted on my Traeger for the Thanksgiving feast at church Sunday evening.

After all that baking on Saturday, Gary and I spent the evening out at Frichette Winery picking up our wine club shipment and noshing on some gourmet pizza.

Now that's a day well spent.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Falling Leaves Progressing

Lots of time has gone by since my last post, and not a lot of stitching progress has been made. But I am closing in on a finish of "Falling Leaves".

I've enjoyed working on this easy design, using up some of the overdyed floss I've had in my stash for a long time - not to mention that piece of lugana that I've had forever

Now we're facing Thanksgiving week and I'll be spending the weekend baking some whole wheat cinnamon bread loaves for my dear nephews in Boise. Yesterday I stopped by the health food store and bought 50 pounds of wheat berries and I'm hoping that will be enough to get me through the cinnamon bread baking spree that I'll be on for the next couple of weeks as I bake for my family, my employees and friends, and for a fund raiser at church.

I'll be tired with all the baking, but the house will be warm and will smell wonderful!

Friday, November 06, 2015

A Little Stitching and a Birthday Girl

Over the last few weeks I have actually gotten in a little bit of stitching. I saw a couple of bloggers stitch up Falling Leaves from the DMC website, and it looked like a good one to use up some of my extra fabric pieces and overdyed floss.

For such a simple pattern, it's taking me forever to get it finished. But I am enjoying the stitching.

Current progress on Falling Leaves

I've also got a small start on Blue Ribbon Designs Red Velvet Inscription Sampler - very small.

There are 26 of these squares in the design, so this will definitely be a long-term project for me!

But the best part of this week was spending Wednesday with my just-turned 3-year-old granddaughter. We went to the car wash, the mall, Costco, McDonald's, then to my office and had a blast together.

I hope you had a wonderful week like mine!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Few Days Away

The sun rising at 30,000 ft.
Didn't see the sun again for a couple of days!

Last week Gary and I had the opportunity to get away from the routine for a few days. There was a business meeting in Cancun planned for one of the insurance companies we are appointed with so we added two more days to make the trip less frantic. When we left the Tri-Cities, it was raining. When we landed in Cancun, a storm had just gone through and the clouds were still gray and ominous. Of course, all the locals assured us that it never rained for long in Cancun and tomorrow would be bright!

Except that it wasn't . . .

Friends who had arrived earlier said that it had been raining every day for the three days they'd been in Cancun. Oh well, the weather tends to be a bit unsettled this time of the year as we all saw when Hurricane Patricia hit the Pacific coast of Mexico! Nope, can't complain about a little rain when you're staying at the Ritz Carlton.

Finally on Tuesday afternoon, the sun came out to visit, so we could spend a little time on the beach after our morning meetings. Then on Wednesday when the meeting ended, the clouds were scudding in off the ocean and we weren't sure if they would bring rain or not. We finally took a chance to have lunch out on the beach in a little casita and were rewarded with a beautiful afternoon! I had an amazing ceviche with my margarita, then we relaxed on a double chaise out on the sand watching the waves roll in.

Thursday morning we had to leave, and as always, we wish we'd gone ahead and planned for staying an entire week. One of these days we'll feel a little better about leaving the business for longer periods, but right now we're still making adjustments as sole owners. Still, even a few days away from the office, opening the sliders to the warm ocean breeze, was a welcome break!

Gotta start planning for another break!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day Brightener

Even though my stitching time has been dreadfully limited these last few months, I could not resist a little recent addition to my stash. New scissors, especially the Gingher designer series, are almost irresistable to me, and after seeing others posting about their new Wren embroidery scissors, I had to give in! A well-timed email from The Silver Needle pushed me over the edge.

A package from The Silver Needle is always beautifully wrapped!

And as long as I was placing an order, why not add a couple more items?

The little Lizzie Kate Snippet design "Grateful, Thankful, Blessed" will be a quick one to stitch up this Thanksgiving season! Then I added a little Shepherd's Bush stitching bag (premade) called "Grateful Heart", and the JCS ornament issue. Then they threw in a pen, freebie design, and a few individually wrapped jelly beans just for fun!

A little package like that is sure to make a stitcher's day a little brighter and happier!