Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Inversion Returns

Winter inversions hold the fog and clouds low, making the days gray and gloomy for us in the lower elevations. Sometimes January is one long inversion, but we got a bit of a break this year over the MLK holiday. For the last week, the grayness is back, and I've been using my happy light in addition to my Ott stitching light in an attempt to hold the SAD at bay.

I guess it's better than nothing.

The other day in an attempt to brighten my spirits, I booked a couple of airline tickets to Arizona for me and DD Kirsten for the middle of February. Hope the sun cooperates with my plans to soak in some Vitamin D!

Stitching has continued on Convent Garden. I had to do a little reverse stitching when I realized I'd done the vertical rapid stitches wrong. The bottom of the V is supposed to face into the little garden. Ugh!

But each little garden has been very enjoyable.

See how the V on the right side faces down? It's fixed now.

And this is where I left off my stitching this afternoon. Just two more little plots to fill in and then I think I'll set CG aside and pull a different project out of my bag.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunny MLK Weekend

After a rainy Saturday, the sun has returned to the Tri-Cities! That's good news for my mood, my to-do list, stitching, and the twins driving back to college yesterday.

Kevin and Kyle came home for the long weekend, since they're both just a couple hours' drive away. It's worthwhile to cook a meal when they're home! Best of all I had my football-watching buddy here to watch the big Seahawks/Packers game Sunday afternoon. It would be understating it to say he gets caught up in a Seahawks game. Over and over he'd be saying under his breath, sometimes loudly, "I still believe!" His faith in the team paid off big time with the Hawks unbelievable comeback. Then the yelling at that final touchdown filled the house!

During the ball game, there is no way I could stitch, not that game. But I had laundry to fold and ironing to do (but I never got to it) to expend some of that nervous energy that builds up. But yesterday, on a lovely, quiet MLK Day, I was able to spend more time on Convent Garden.

The green border here is called rapid stitch, the first time I'd seen that variation, but it does give one the idea of a shrub, perhaps a boxwood. Love it!

And now we're back to normal schedule with the boys gone back to college, Kirsten at school, and Gary and me doing our thing - in the sunshine. Gotta enjoy it while it's here!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Rare Day

Rain . . . all day. Doesn't happen much here.

So with an empty agenda and the twins home from college for the long weekend, I sat in my stitching chair, turned on the East/West football game and brought out Drawn Thread's The Cloister Garden.

I finished Area 3, thyme for courage. Queen stitches in the center of the basket, always a challenge, but not too bad once the rhythm is established.

It feels good to make some progress on a long-standing project!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


January has brought the typical gray skies that always throw me into a lethargy that only the sun can bring me out of. My daughter gave me a "happy light" for Christmas which I think does help some, but there is no replacement for a bright sunny day.

Gray skies or sunny, there are some things that come along that have to be celebrated and this month it's my granddaughter's birthday (7), which was last Friday. Mid-morning I collected her and we spent the entire day together shopping at the mall, lunch at Red Robin, then a little crafty time at my house. What a good day!

The project we worked on is one I've had on my mind for years. I have this Fira drawer unit from Ikea that I've wanted to paint and cover with paper, but could never find exactly the right paper or colors, etc. There is this tendency in me to not do anything if it can't be just right. Ilse decided she wanted to paint something, so I put her to work painting the edges of the Fira white, while I worked on covering the drawer ends in paper. We both had a great time and I now have the project finished!

I use these drawers to hold all the ink pads I have. There's another set of Fira drawers stashed away that I might put together soon since I'm really liking the looks of this set!

Oh look, the skies are starting to lift a bit! I'd better get out and do some errands while I can see a bit of blue. I hope you're having a wonderful week!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Fresh From the Hoop

The first finish of 2015, Blackbird Designs, Souvenir de France. My DH thinks that he doesn't need to take me to France now that I already have a Souvenir. Ha, ha, ha - he's not getting of that easily.

I'm really sorry to have this week end as I've so loved the quiet and all those football games! I'm thrilled that my Boise State Broncos won the Fiesta Bowl, and the Oregon Ducks are in the Championship game next week.

I've sent others out to do whatever errands needed to be done, except for once. I've processed all the bones from Christmas dinner and now have a freezer full of bone broth for the cold winter days ahead. The Christmas tree and decorations are put away and the house is back to the normal chaos.

And my twins leave home to return to their college apartments tomorrow, one in Ellensburg, the other in Cheney. It's the last Christmas they'll be home together as next Christmas Kevin will be married and he'll be sharing a room with his wife when they come home. Seems like there's nothing as constant as change these days. That's what happens when you have a bunch of kids and they have the audacity to grow up and become adults!

Well, it's back to the regular schedule, and the Ravens vs Steelers game.