Saturday, November 22, 2014


Friday evening I spent some time stitching the bargello at the bottom of of the backside of the Victorian Purse. This band is the epitome of gorgeous to me.

There are a couple more colors yet to add - the yummiest of them all.

Today I had the oil changed in my car, got some laundry done while watching football, started cleaning out bookcases downstairs, and roasted a turkey for our church's Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. A good day! I hope your weekend is a pleasant one too.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Leaf Stitching

Last night I was able to get in the leaf stitch band on the Victoria Sampler Victorian Purse. Like a lot of stitches, once you get the pattern and rhythm down, it goes pretty fast.

The next band was the floral vine. The embroidery is finished but I will wait to put in the silk ribbon until the bargello band below it is finished.

Love the look of that bargello band! Hope I can count it out right the first time!

We did get that freezing rain this morning and all the area schools were closed. Love having my girl home a few extra hours! The temps did get pretty warm later in the morning so conditions improved greatly, and Kirsten and her boyfriend went out for lunch on their unexpected day off. After spending a week in my long johns and down coat, it was nice to run my errands with a light jacket on again - cuz 35 degrees feels soooo much warmer than 15!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Initial It

It's been a few days since I graphed and stitched my initials on the back piece of the VS Victorian Purse. I wish I could get the color rendering closer to real life as I really love the soft, muted shades Thea uses, with just a touch of shine.

It's been cold here lately, but no snow. Gray days, freezing fog in places. It puts me to sleep. The weather people are telling us we could get some freezing rain tonight which is the worst. I'd much rather have snow!

Stay warm, my friends!

Nike Cross Regional Meet 2014

Eagle Island State Park, near Boise, Idaho

This one was one for the record books. Not for speed records, but for adverse conditions of a sort that our team has not encountered before.

They've run, and the parents have cheered, in some nasty wind, rain, sleet, hail, and mud more than ankle deep. This weekend at Eagle Island State Park, near Boise, Idaho, they encountered single digit temperatures (rising all the way to the teens by the varsity races) and snow about 9 inches deep.

The hardest part of the course had to have been the starting field which they left unplowed. Can you imagine running the first 150 yards of the race in 9" of snow in your thin little spike shoes? Can you imagine the frozen toes?

Starting field

Starting line (half of it)

Camp Kamiakin

With the sunshine and absolutely no wind, and the proper amount of layers, conditions weren't too bad for spectators. I even spent some time relaxing in one of the camp chairs soaking in the sun!

DD Kirsten and a couple of other JV girls came down to run in the JV race. It was the last xc race for Kirsten and Becca and was certainly a memorable one! Our varsity boys team ran in the Championship race and came in third place which qualifies them for a wild card spot, to be chosen next week. We're hopeful they'll get one as there were only 15 points difference in the 1-3 place, so they are

The remainder of the weekend we spent warming our toes and visiting with our family in the area. In fact, DH's brother and wife flew in from a cruise Saturday evening and he came over to the pub to watch the BSU game with us. That's above and beyond to me!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tag It

My crafty area is all cluttered with my papercrafting stuff. (Can I just say that having this area for myself and not sharing with teens and their video games, is making me really happy? ) Supplies come out, projects happen, and I can leave and come back as time and inspiration hits.

Right now I'm making batches of Christmas tags for a fundraiser our church sponsors in a couple of weeks. Tags are great for using up leftover bits from bigger projects, and I have lots of leftover bits!
Here's what I've come up with so far:

I'm having lots of fun making lots of snowmen. This idea did not come from my own imagination, but from Leeann Greff of Flowerbug's Inkspot.  Thanks, Leeann!!