Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kinda Quiet

It's been quiet around the blog for the last few days. I got a little distracted as DH and I have an unexpected vacation coming up next week. So there were flights to be booked and things to prepare before we leave really early Monday morning. But a week of sunshine, walking, and great food is welcome right about now - we're going to Cabo San Lucas!

Spring has been lovely here the last couple of weeks and I've been feeling the SAD ebbing, but the last couple of days have been cloudy, windy, and today we have rain. Yes, we have rain the day after the irrigation water finally came on in our neighborhood. So ironic.

As for the stitching projects, well, I haven't gotten very far. On the robin from Buttoned Up Birdies, we have a slight bit of growth.

On Silk Threads, I've completed the Kreinik sparkly thread, and just have a few more beads to attach.

Since Silk Threads will be done soon, I've had to think ahead to the next UFO to work on, and I came up with Drawn Thread's The Cloister Garden.

Cloister Garden has been on the scroll frame for YEARS! And I love this design, why did I set it aside?? I found the threads in the bin-of-ancient-projects, but a couple silks were missing so an order had to be made to Nordic Needle for replacements. I'm not sure they're the same dye lot, but they look close and in a band sampler, a slight difference shouldn't bother me.

Well, that's all for now friends. It's Holy Week and we'll have Good Friday service tomorrow, egg dying with the grands is now planned for Saturday, and Easter celebrations including having the kids, maybe all of them, here for dinner - so grocery shopping must be done!

If I don't get back here before Sunday, have a blessed Easter weekend!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Happy Time of Year

Longer days, warm temperatures, sunshine! Late winter is a low time for me so now that we've had some really wonderful spring days, I'm feeling the benefits of having gotten my vitamin D - much improved mood!

The design above was stitched, I don't know, probably five years ago, and I just now finished it off - although very poorly, but it was an experiment. :) Still, it looks sweeet hanging in my craft area and I'm just happy to have a finish!

Of course, I've mostly been outside working around my gardens and yard. Right now the pollen count is off the charts and my allergies have finally kicked in. Luckily, there are remedies for that and I continue my chores outside. Here is the current state of my gardens. I have mostly roses, so there aren't many blooms yet.

 This poor baby is looking pretty bad right now and I need to get my DH to put up more lattice to support it better. I took a lot of lateral branches off the lower part to encourage more growth at the top - my neighbor appreciates that.

 This garden is obviously next to the garage. Still have some weeding and fertilizing to do here.

 The view of the back yard as you're walking down the slope to the back yard is one of my favorites. You can also see my reclining chair that I use to take breaks in. I can't tell you how much satisfaction I get from my back yard. It's peaceful (except for when the train goes by, but that's not too often, and they're short), and beautiful - I love it!

I hope you have a place outdoors that brings you happiness too! Go out and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Going Way Back

In going through my stash recently, I happened upon a bin with more stitched finishes and wips. Some of these go far back into the past, like a Noah's Ark sampler I stitched while pregnant with the twins - 21 years ago!

One project I found hasn't been seen since 2007. It's Linen Closet Labels by Liberty Street Designs. One design from the leaflet is finished.

 The companion design was so close to being finished that I can't understand why I didn't get it completed! All that needs to be done is the beading and the Kreinik braid that makes it sparkle.

This is Silk Threads. Both pieces are on 32 count gray linen and I used Thread Gatherer silk floss to stitch the design. Getting the beads on is a little tedious and I'm using invisible thread to stitch them and that stuff isn't the easiest to work with. I love these designs and I can't wait to have them on my finish board!

We're having a beautiful spring week and I'm getting quite a bit done in the yard. In fact, I have to go to Costco tomorrow for a new box of yard waste bags. For a small lot, we sure collect a lot of debris! Of course, much of that was rose prunings from 75 bushes. :) And leaves, so many leaves from our trees and those of the neighborhood that get blown in and caught in the corners and against the fences.

Tomorrow it's errands and more yard work, then in the evening Gary and I are going to hear the Glen Miller band at Kennewick High School. Looking forward to a night out!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Birthday Week/Spring Break

It's been a great spring break week with Kyle and Kirsten. Kyle had to work quite a bit, but I did get him to help me rake dead grass and blown down twigs from much of the front lawn. Yesterday, he and a friend drove up to Cheney, stayed with brother Kevin, then today competed at a track meet at Whitworth in Spokane.

But the main event for the week was Kirsten's 17th birthday on Friday. We started celebrating Thursday by driving to Spokane to shop for a prom dress. We didn't have much luck, so we ended up at Nordstrom ordering a dress. It'll be here soon with lots of time to return for a different size if needed. After that decision was made, we went back to Nordstrom Rack to shop. I think I was celebrating Kirsten's birthday for myself as I bought more things for me there than for her, lol.

Before heading home, we had dinner at Red Robin.

At Red Robin
On her birthday, she helped me prepare for having a group of friends over in the evening for a party. Nothing like having people over to get things cleaned up! What a great group of kids and we enjoyed having them here. They had a little dinner, a photo scavenger hunt at WalMart, back here for a fire in the firepit out back, and a movie on Netflix.

Today it's a bit windy, but I did get to Lowe's for some steer manure, and took a few things to the donation drop off. DH got some lattice on the back fence to help support some of my taller roses.

Now tonight, I think I can get some stitching in!

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Thanks for dropping in.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Not One, But Two

Ending the month of March on a high note here as I have just finished TWO projects. For most of you with high-powered needles, that's nothing to crow about, but it's been awhile since I've had any of those. :)

First up is Quaker Inspiration by The Lacey Thread

And I've finished the March bird in the Button-Up Birdies series by Cathy Jean for The Victoria Sampler.

Then I put a few stitches on April's birdie, the robin.

Our son Kevin is back in Cheney starting spring quarter. It was so good to have him home last week and get him to help me with a few chores. This week is Kyle's spring break from CBC and I'm hoping to rope him into helping me with a few things. Kirsten is also on break and is up in Spokane with a friend, visiting the campus of Whitworth College. Not that she'll be attending there, but it's always good to look at a variety of schools. Her birthday is this week, so I'm sure she'll come up with ideas to keep me busy. 

So until next time, thanks for stopping by On the Dry Side!