Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Stash from the Attic

With plenty of stash already in my craft room, I really shouldn't have bought more, but I don't often get an opportunity to visit a real needlework store. Resistance was futile. I did show great restraint though, finally settling on materials for one project and just a small addition to my collection of linen and silks.

I saw Blue Ribbon Designs Red Velvet Inscription Sampler on the wall, stitched over 1 thread (ivory) on 40 ct. obre-dyed linen (brick red color). It was stunning! I stuck my neck out and bought 40 ct. fabric, but I'm planning to stitch over 2 and will still need to use magnification! It's a gorgeous piece of linen by Colorscapes in Rosewood. Then I chose GA floss in Linen - so pretty. I also bought GA in Loganberry to play with a little, maybe stitch the alphabet with it, maybe  not. It'll be gorgeous!

I picked up of piece of 32 ct. Lakeside linen in Cedar Plank, for no good reason.

And then I have this LOVE for silks. Showing more restraint I bought 4 skeins of Gloriana, 2 in Lavender Ice and 2 in Rosebud. I like to leave them out to just look at. :)

On to current stitching:

After finishing the April Needleroll from Victoria Sampler, I decided to get the March Needleroll out of my stash and work on that! These stitch up quickly and can be framed in a 5x7 frame which you can find anywhere. Here's a progress pic of the wrinkly project.

It's a busy week getting ready to host my Bunco group again! Finding prizes is always a challenge, but I finally succeeded this afternoon. Now to come up with some food ideas, make the cards, and get my house clean!

Who wants to clean house when it's 70 degrees outside!! The forsythia are starting to bloom so that means it's time to prune the roses. I made a start on it yesterday, whacking away and leaving the mess to clean up later. But today I must concentrate on Bunco preparations.

I hope you're having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Hello, March

You go on a little trip, and BAM, weeks go by in between posts!

My daughter, Kirsten, and I flew away from the mild winter we've been having in the Northwest to get some sunshine in Phoenix, Arizona. This was her first airplane trip, something she's always been nervous about doing as she has a bad case of claustrophobia. Elevators and parking garages are places she has difficulty in, and she's been afraid of airplanes too. The last couple of years we've been talking about taking a trip to help her cope with that fear. Slowly she came to see the importance and was actually excited once we made the reservations. The entire airport/flight experience was a great one for her and she's excited about her next trip. Elevators, however, are still a problem for her.

The weather in Phoenix was perfect during our visit - sunny and 78-80 degrees. We had a great time driving our rental car all over the valley, doing a little shopping as well as a little hiking.

 I had to get Kirsten out into the desert a little way, so we drove down to Casa Grande to visit some really old ruins. That was after spending a couple of hours by the hotel pool and actually getting some color on our skin! And then there was that morning at Attic Needlework.

If Kirsten hadn't been along, I would have spent a lot more time at AN. As many of you know because you've been there yourself, the shop is jam-packed with framed samplers and all kinds of finished smalls and other projects, with all the designs, linen, and threads one can drool over. Of course, more stash is not what I need, but who could walk away without a little bag of something?

 More on that project at a later date.

So the Arizona trip was a great success. And the only reason we could think of to come home was for the birthday of this little guy.

My grandson Knox turned five the end of  February. He and I spent his birthday together going out to lunch, doing a little shopping, and watching some Ninjago episodes. Then on the weekend, he had both a friend party and a family party.

It's great to be 5!

Next post will include some stitching progress.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

This Week's Progress

I've continued to work on April needleroll design by Victoria Sampler and just have two more bands to stitch before it's finished! The white linen and spring flowers have gone a long way to improve my mood - as has the wonderful sunshine that has settled in here in E. Washington.

On the sides of the heart, I've personalized it by stitching in the names of my April babies.

Tomorrow afternoon my daughter and I will be winging our way to Arizona for a few days of warmth and sun and fun. Woo hoo!!

Sunday, February 08, 2015

A Bit of Time Away

Last Wednesday, my husband and I took a little jaunt up to Spokane so he could attend a business meeting on Thursday morning. It would be easy to just run up for the day, but now and then it's nice to take a little time out of the schedule for something different!

We left town mid-afternoon, making a stop in Cheney to have dinner with son Kevin and his fiance, Sarah. Having him in school so close to Spokane has made it convenient to drop in on them for a quick visit when we're over that way - a bonus for making the trip! There's a great Mexican restaurant, El Rodeo, that we like and Kevin fills his tank. The boy can eat! After dinner, Gary and I drove on to Spokane and our hotel by the Spokane River.

Leaving the Tri-Cities behind didn't mean we left the gray skies. No, the entire state was getting rain that day. But by mid-morning on Thursday, the rain stopped for awhile and I got out for a nice walk along the river.

After checking out, I drove around town a little, finding a nice spot with a view to spend some time stitching while waiting for Gary's meeting and lunch to be done. Other times, I've done some shopping, but this trip I enjoyed the quiet and the needle and thread.

This trip made me eager for spring and the opportunity to get away with the trailer once again!

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Pineapple Express

Woohoo! The wind started blowing in some warm air from Hawaii way, whisking away the clouds and rain, leaving us with a brightly shining sun! What a lift the sun brings to my spirit.

While the gray skies were oppressing us, I did get a little bit of stitching done. Convent Garden was set aside and the Victorian Purse came out to play. I was able to finish up the bargello band.

Now I need to go back to stitch the silk ribbon flowers. But instead of going to them right away, I pulled out a little Victoria Sampler kit from the Birthday Needleroll series - April. The color scheme is lighter and brighter and just seemed to be what I needed at the moment.


Tonight my daughter is going to the Sadie Hawkins dance including dinner at a friend's house with the group that are going together. The kids wanted fettuccine alfredo so I'll make up a batch for them. I hope I remember how as it's been a very long time since I've made a pasta dish, lol! I think it will be a chicken and mushroom dish for me and DH.

Have a wonderful weekend!