Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Calling It Good

Yep, I'm calling Convent Garden by The Drawn Thread good, in other words quitting. Not because there's anything wrong with the design by the designer; the problem is entirely with me. And that is the reason I set aside this lovely design several years ago.

When I resumed stitching on it a few months ago, I had forgotten that reason, and I didn't really look at what I'd stitched. I just saw it, and resumed the stitching. And after finishing the center garden of the design, I unrolled more of the linen on the scroll rods, and it hit me.

I had not properly centered the design on the linen! Argh!

So this is as far as it goes.

And that's ok with me!

Monday, April 20, 2015


After some amazingly lovely spring weather, my garden is just about to burst into color. I am so ready!

It'll be 80F today! I have more fertilizing to do, then laying down some mulch. I can feel the vitamin D surging as I soak in the sun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Little Getaway

My DH is a really good photographer and has had an itch to get out to find the wildflowers. Saturday we were in Yakima for the Davis Invite track meet, so we decided to ditch the meet a little early and head down to the Columbia Gorge.

(Incidentally, Kirsten pr'd in the discus with a throw of 94 ft! She's getting there.)

Unfortunately, the wildflowers had already peaked since we had such a mild winter and early spring, but there were still patches in some areas. We stayed overnight in The Dalles, OR, and explored all around the back ridges from The Dalles to Hood River, plus Columbia Hills State Park on the Washington side.

And look what we found!

Yes, zebras and camels! There were even a couple of giraffes who were camera shy, plus some llamas and alpacas. Someone has quite a hobby farm going here.

The two photos above were near Columbia Hills State Park, WA.

These are from the Rowena Crest near Rowena, OR.

These are from the highlands above Hood River.

I took these photos with an extra camera DH is letting me use. It's a Canon 60D with a lot of bells and whistles that I need to learn. It's bigger and heavier than other cameras I've used, like the Rebel, but I think I can adjust.

It was fun getting to do something a little different and I'm hoping there will be many more trips just like it in the future!

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Happy Easter Wishes

Today was beautifully sunny and as has become customary, the grandchildren came over to dye eggs and have a hunt around the yard.

 At two years old, little Geneva enunciates her words so clearly and speaks in complete sentences. It's just so fun to have conversations with her - until it's naptime and she's clearly had too much sugar and activity. :)

Kirsten hid the eggs this year and must have done quite well, as both Hans and Jaeger couldn't find one of their eggs. I'm sure I'll be finding them as I continue cleaning the garden - - luckily, they're plastic!

Not only was today Egg Hunt Day, it's Kirsten's 18th birthday! All my babies are adults!

Tomorrow we celebrate Christ's resurrection. We'll be in church then some of the kids will be here for dinner after. It's the best day.

He is Risen.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Full On Spring

Sometimes I feel a little guilty living here in the Northwest, especially this year when we've had a mild winter and early spring, and my friends in the East have been pounded with snow. But spring is fully upon us and so I've been out in the garden every day that I can.

Sorry, no stitching update this time.

There is, however, lots of garden clean up going on. No pictures because it's just not that pretty. All the mulch I put around the roses has to be cleaned up, blown in leaves removed, and roses pruned. A couple of weeks ago I abandoned my idea of pruning and cleaning up the garden beds one at a time, methodically. My schedule and the weather would push out the time frame for that far beyond when the roses should be pruned. So I went through all the beds and whacked away at the shrub roses, leaving the climbers for summer pruning. Now I'm going through and doing that clean up.

While I'm working, I have a little personal campfire going. We can't have burn piles anymore, but are allowed small fire pits and this year I'm using it to burn some of my yard debris. Now I smell like I've been camping. :)

It's track season once again. A week ago Gary and I went to Hermiston to watch son Kyle run the 1500 m and 800 m race for Central Washington University. Our daughter also had a meet for her high school, but we'll be at a lot of her meets and had to take advantage of the opportunity to watch Kyle so close to home. On Thursday Kirsten had a meet over in Walla Walla. Usually this meet is miserable to watch as it's cold, windy, and rainy. But this year it was sunny and 75 degrees! Even though we weren't chilled, we stopped at Pho Sho for post-meet dinner. It's so good!

This week my twins were home on spring break from their respective colleges. Kyle left early as the track distance team is competing today at the Willamette Invite in Salem, Oregon. Kevin is still home, but leaving today as his fiance has a safety meeting for her job as a math tutor tomorrow. I'll be curious to hear just what safety measures tutors need a special meeting for!

Kirsten has spring break this coming week plus Saturday is her birthday as well as the day before Easter when I usually have the grandkids over to color eggs. We should also plan a special day somewhere since we have a little time off. I wonder what we'll do or where we'll go?

That's all for now! Have a great weekend!