Friday, June 16, 2017

Cool Down

While the rest of the West is sweltering, the Northwest has had a bit of a cool down, complete with rain and wind, of course. Moderate temps are always nice for the plants and I'm still enjoying a nice flush of roses.

It's so hard to get pictures when the wind is blowing!

A few weeks back I had a couple of Costco rewards checks to spend. Sometimes I buy myself jewelry, but I spotted a nice looking outdoor chair that I thought would be nice out on our little deck. I had a little bistro table set out there, but it really wasn't that comfortable, and I really enjoy taking morning coffee out there. So I went home and got one of my sons to come help me load up two chairs and set them up at home, and here they are on the deck!

We are using the deck so much more now! Now if the wind would die down so I could take my stitching out there.

Not much stitching happening this week, but I did get a finish that I'll show you next time!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Pamela said...

The deck and the roses look so inviting!

Vickie said...

Good for you having a cool down. Your roses are lovely Von. Good job on the chairs!

Robin in Virginia said...

What an inviting space you created on your deck, Von! Your roses are gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend!

Brigitte said...

Your deck looks very inviting with the new chairs. Great choice.
We have just enjoyed two days with lower temperatures but the next heat wave is already waiting around the corner ...

Carol said...

How lovely your rose gardens look!! Sure wish we were having cooler weather here--it has been most unpleasant with high humidity and high temperatures. I need to find a place with no humidity when I retire :)

Love your new chairs!! They look like the perfect stitching spot :)

Marilyn said...

Your Roses are all so pretty.
It's been rainy and very windy here also.
The sun goes up and down all day, you never know when it will rain.
The chairs are nice, Costco has some great things.

diamondc said...

Von: Beautiful floral photos, your sitting area is lovely, thank-you for sharing with us.