Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Full Bloom

Oh my, the roses! 

I love the first full flush of blooms. The morning air is scented by the roses.

Saturday and Monday (Memorial Day) I spent most of my time doing weed control and mulching. The sun was warm, with temps up in the mid-90s, so I toted my patio umbrella around to shade my work - and still have some good color on my back and shoulders.

Of course, our AC went out just before the heat arrived. We think the problem is with the fan in the heat pump - the repairman will come on Friday. Luckily, Wednesday's temps will be much cooler.

When my allergies got the better of me, I retreated to my stitching chair and I have a finish to share!

Springtime by Cathy Jean for Victoria Sampler
This design of Cathy's isn't my favorite; I think I got it in a gift bag at a retreat. Still, it's a cute little thing and was nice to stitch in between some more complicated things. It was in my stash, with the needed threads in an acc. pack, and I used up a bit of linen leftover from another project. Yay!

Coffee Quaker has received some of my time as well.

Of course, the blue is not charted for blue, but I thought I'd throw it in there. I think I'll just add more blue as inspiration strikes!

I've been feeling a bit of arthritis strike my left thumb joint and holding a frame or hoop has been making the ache worse. I dug out my lap/table stand and tried a little two-handed stitching as well as trying out Vonna's method of holding the needle in the same position up and down, thus the upward part of the stitch is led by the eye end of the needle. After awhile, I found I quite enjoyed using that method and believe it would improve my speed!

I've also worked a bit on the Happy Birthday Sampler, but no photo was taken yet, so the update on that will come soon.

Well, looks like we're getting a storm tonight! The wind just hit town. Batten down the shade sails!

Happy stitching!


Pamela said...

Lovely stitching and beautiful roses.

Barb said...

Love your finish. The lamb is so cute. The flowers are beautiful.

Vickie said...

Gorgeous roses. Hope the AC gets all fixed up. The Springtime lamb is adorable.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your roses are gorgeous. Congratulations on your finish! I love the pop of blue in your Coffee Quaker. I am making notes.

Marilyn said...

Your roses are beautiful.
I like the blue touch on CQ.
Cute Lamb.

Brigitte said...

Nothing better that going out into the garden in the early morning and smell the blooming roses.
Great stitching progress on your projects. And good to know that you found a solution to minimize the pain in your thumb.

Julie said...

Your blooms look fabulous.
I hope you find the new stitching method helps with the thumb pain.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Lovely flowers. That pattern is lovely!!

Mary said...

Your roses are gorgeous!!! Love the Quaker coffee stitch. I have to try Vonna's speed stitching technique, I'm a terribly slow stitcher.