Friday, February 03, 2017

It's A White World

Yes, more snow here in the Tri-Cities. We got a storm of huge, fluffy snow on Tuesday morning and then another storm came through Friday morning, with freezing rain predicted to start around 4p.m. this afternoon. Ugh, enough already!

At least the ground is getting some moisture.

We got home from chilly Florida Monday afternoon and it's taken me a couple of days to get back into my stitching. But I did finally pick up Blossoms and Blackbirds for a stitching session last night.

Because I cut the fabric so small, I'm stitching in hand like I did way back in the day.

While away from home on those long flights, I got a fair amount of reading done. Our library has a decent selection of titles to download for the Kindle, so I got a couple of history books. Both are very good. First up:

My reading of 18th century English history has been lacking and this title intrigued me. It begins with a review of the dysfunctional Hanoverian family and George III's desire to break that cycle. It's very easy to read, not a dry tome, as well as interesting. I'm about 28% finished.

Then I took a break from the 18th century to go back to the 16th century Tudors.

As you can see, this is on the life of Lady Margaret Douglas. Alison Weir's histories are always well done. If you're tired of Henry VIII wives, this is the one to pick up! I'm also about 25% done with this one.

Well, friends, that's all for now! Have a great weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday!


Pamela said...

I usually stitch small pieces in hand and like doing it. I like the piece you are working on. Snowy weather is perfect for staying safely inside and stitching!
I'm very interested in British Royal history and often watch programs on YouTube while I am stitching. I just started stitching a portrait of May Queen of Scots, so watching Tudor history seems appropriate.

Robin in Virginia said...

Blossoms and Blackbirds is looking good. Thanks for the book recommendations! Enjoy your weekend!

Barb said...

Your new project is so pretty! We had just a bit of snow this am, I'm getting tired of all the very cold weather. Thanks for the reading ideas.

Marilyn said...

Blossoms is so pretty.
Sorry Fl was cold and now you came back to more snow. :(
We had 3" of snow last week, and now it's back to very cold temps again here in WI.
We go back and forth, in the 30's, the next day almost zero. lol
Crazy weather.

Vickie said...

Nice to have you home again Von. Enjoy your stitching and stay warm!!

Julie said...

Blossoms is looking lovely.

Carol said...

Those colors in your latest project are so lovely, Von! I am an "in hand" stitcher for everything--just couldn't adjust to holding anything but the fabric.

Have had mainly a cold, gray, rainy winter--I do hope we get at least a bit of your snow before spring arrives next month!

Brigitte said...

A nice project that you are stitching on. I love the earlier LHN designs very much.
Here the white stuff has melted, at least on the meadows and in the gardens bu there is still lots of snow along the streets where the plough has heaped it up. And it's snowing again today :(