Monday, February 20, 2017

Babies and Stitching

What a nice time I had with my baby grandsons this weekend! Isaac (5 months old today) has discovered his toes so he's grabbing them and pulling them to his mouth a lot. Of course, he's teething and loves to chew on whatever he can grab. He's just the happiest little guy!

Isaac with his dad, Kevin (my son)

Gideon did come home on Saturday, but what a long process! They didn't get home until 6 p.m. and everyone was wiped out. On Sunday afternoon, I texted my son, Geoff, to see if he needed anything at the grocery store as I was needing to go for myself. He did, so I was able to pick up a few things, drop them off and got to see and hold little Gideon. What a precious boy! Geoff and Amber have two boxers who are quite taken with the new family member.

Big Boss and Joy looking at Gideon
In between holding babies, I finished up L-O-V-E by Hands on Design. What a fun little thing to stitch for Valentine's Day!

And I'm closing in on a finish on Blossoms and Blackbirds!

I'll finish that and then get back to my Victoria Sampler designs.

Happy Presidents Day for all my U.S. friends! Have a wonderful stitchy week!


Robin in Virginia said...

Glad you were able to hold and cuddle the newest grandbaby! It won't be much more before the LHN is finished. Congratulations on getting the sweet little Love piece finished! Enjoy your week!

Barb said...

What a delightful pair of grand sons!!I bet the new little family is pretty worn out. You did them a great service by shopping. And to think you had time for some very pretty stitching!

Margaret said...

Your stitching is lovely and your grandsons are WONDERFUL.

butterfly said...

What a lovely family .
I also have a baby Issac in my family .
Great stitching , have a great week.

Vickie said...

Kevin and Isaac couldn't be happier!! :D
Ha ha! I love the picture you got of Big Boss and Joy just watching little Gideon. ♥
Your Valentine finish is perfect Von.
I hope your snow is melting? Ours is gone. It will be 61ยบ here today!! Bizarre!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

you have beautiful family members! Nice stitching too!

Melinda Forbes said...

What a cutie. Grandkids are the best. Thank you for sharing these great pictures. Your stitching is beautiful.

Julie said...

A beautiful picture of your son and grandson.
So pleased Gideon was allowed to come home.
Have a lovely week x

viv said...

Enjoyed seeing your little ones, and the stitching. Hugs.

Marilyn said...

Cute finishes.
Your GK's are too cute, and you have a handsome son too.

Brigitte said...

Von, these family pictures are so precious. And even more precious are your grandsons.