Monday, January 02, 2017

New Year, New Start

Here in Kennewick the New Year came with a snow storm, starting in the early hours on Sunday the 1st, and continuing on into the morning of the 2nd. I think we have maybe 7 inches at our house, other parts of town have more. It's a good day to stay indoors and watch the Rose Parade and bowl games!

 It's been quite a few years since we've had this much snow. Plus with the expected cold snap coming in, looks like the stuff will be staying around for awhile. The norm is for a snowfall in the night/morning, melting in the afternoon.

So it's the perfect day to start a new x-s project!  I've chosen A Spot of Winter by The Drawn Thread. I found a piece of 32 ct linen in Smoky Pearl (I think). The threads I've pulled are: DMC 844, 926, GA Blue Spruce, WDW Cadet, Northern Lights silk Garnet, a Needle Necessities overdye (unknown color) that I've had forever, and Mori silk in white that I'm borrowing from Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm acc pac.

In honor of our freshly fallen snow, I started with the snowman.

Before the New Year, I made some progress on the Xmas Tree Farm.

Pretty close to how it looks outside my window!

Gary and I ended up staying home NYE. I didn't sleep well the night before as I had to wake early to get son Kyle to the airport. He flew off to spend a few days with his girlfriend who has been living in Nashville - seems like a fun place to be on NYE! And Gary has been fending off a cold and just didn't have energy to go out to spend the evening with friends. So the old folks stayed home and went to bed after watching a few episodes of Frankie and Grace on Netflix, lol! At least I popped open a bottle of prosecco to celebrate the new year.

I hope you enjoyed your New Year celebrations and wish you all the best in 2017!


Julie said...

We both stayed home nice and quiet watching tv on NYE.
Greats starts you've made.
Stay warm and cosy in the snowy weather

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Happy New Year! We stayed home in the evening - it was nice!

Barb said...

Looks like a great start of the new year. We stayed home to as DH came back from Nashville with a very nasty bug. He slept through it but I was wide awake at mid-night because of all the fireworks going off behind our house. It sounded like a war zone! Stay warm in the next few days!

Syd said...

What a beautiful start! I love snow days when I can stay home and stitch. Happy New Year!

Pamela said...

Perfect stitching for a snowy day!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy New Year! Your new start looks good as does your little cabin. Loved seeing your snow picture.

Marilyn said...

We had rain here in WI. :(
The DT is a good choice for all of that snow you have gotten.
We stayed home NY's eve also.
Too many crazy people on the road. lol
Have a great New Year.

Vickie said...

Oh your sweet, little schnauzer snoozing on the couch! ♥
What perfect snowy stitching you are working on Von.

Brigitte said...

A Spot of Winter is the perfect project to stitch when it's very snowy outside.
Meanwhile we also have snow and there is more to come. I have to turn my hibernating mode on, lol.
Wishing you and your family all the best for the New Year!

butterfly said...

Lovely new start for a New Year.
Look at that snow wow we just have frosts and wet days.
I would love to play in it and make a snowman like I use to many years ago.
Enjoy your New Year.

Carol said...

I'm so envious of all of you who have snow--we are getting nothing here in western PA. So unusual!!

Love that little DT start--I'll have to stitch that one myself :)

Stay warm and I hope this new year is a wonderful one for you and your family!