Friday, December 16, 2016

In Winter's Grip

Winter has really taken hold of us here in E. Washington, in a grip that we haven't experienced for at least 8 years. This week we've had two snow storms for a total depth of 8 inches, which is a lot for us. But it's not just the snow, it's also the low temperatures hitting us from the frigid Northlands. Today's high will be 21F, tomorrow it'll be 14F with lows near 0!

Of course, this comes just in time for the Cable Bridge Run Saturday morning which my son Kyle has signed up for. He's still planning to run - good thing he has a lot of running gear he can layer up with!

This week I succeeded in getting the Christmas tree assembled AND decorated. Here is the result.

It's in the corner so I have to decorate only half the tree, and even then I did not load it up as much as I normally do. And I'm ok with that! :D

I've also gotten some Christmas gifts ordered for the grandkids, but I think it's mainly going to be a gift card/$$ Christmas and everyone can do their own shopping! With Christmas on Sunday this year, this will streamline the opening of gifts and we can get to dinner at a decent time.

So with all the above activities, stitching did not happen once again. This is normal operating procedure for me during December. But I did manage to order a couple of things to make stitching better.

I ordered three of these drawers from Amazon to store my DMC in. Currently I have most of it in snack size ziploc bags filed in photo storage boxes, which has been fine. But a gal on Facebook Stitch Maynia shared this item, 4 of them, with her DMC all organized beautifully in them and I couldn't resist. I think this will make pulling floss so much easier than messing with the bags. She mounted the drawers on the wall, but I have lots of shelf space for them.

And then Vonna shared her magnifier light the other day. I have magnifiers, but have been considering buying something like this that puts the light right on the project instead of overhead lighting. Here's the one she likes, and mine just came in today.

I can't wait to get home and set it up! Between Flosstube, Facebook, and Amazon Prime my stitching nest and stash has improved greatly!

Have a wonderful stitchy weekend!


Barb said...

We are really freezing over here too! High today 32! Your tree looks lovely. I will be anxious to see how you like your stitchi8ng light.

Vickie said...

We are having the same cold weather here Von. And getting dumped on with snow!
Boy, I hope your son is alright running in this!!
Your tree looks very pretty.
Have fun with your new stitchy stash!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your tree looks fabulous. What a lovely snow picture you shared! We woke up to a coating of ice this AM; I would rather have the snow. Enjoy your weekend!

Karyn said...

It's cold down here in CA, so I can imagine what it must be like up your way...bundle up and stay warm...the snow is beautiful, though.
Your tree looks beautiful...we still haven't put up our tree...and I'm ok with that LOL, I just wonder where the gifts will go...
I love your new toys, and have been considering the mag light...I can't wait to see your opinion once you start using it.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Beautiful tree. You don't put a tree skirt? I have one my grandmother made - been using it fir 18 years (wow Im old) I always think I should make one but I can't part with hers! There is hardly snow and it's like snowpacolypse here. Geez! Love the drawers - I have mine in the floss boxes.

Pamela said...

Beautiful tree! Stay inside and stitch!

Brigitte said...

OH my, Von, this sounds so ver cold. We were having these temperatures during many nights already, but the days were a lot warmer.
I love your tree, it looks gorgeous.
Nice things you bought for your stitching nook. You will cherish that light and magnifier, it's so much better than just overhead light.

Carol said...

Oh, that is such cold weather for you guys! We are used to it here in western PA--have had some bitterly cold weather and ice storms lately, too. I am hoping we get more snow in time for Christmas as ours all melted with some warm rains last night.

I keep my DMC in a set of little drawers like those and it works out great! Have fun with that new light of your :)

Julie said...

Your tree looks super
Brrr that looks cold ... stay warm and cosy inside playing with your new goodies

Joanie said...

Love your tree! Merry Christmas!