Monday, November 21, 2016

Holiday Start Up

The whirlwind holiday season began for me this weekend, kicking off with a choir workshop Saturday and my church's annual Thanksgiving dinner Sunday evening for which I prepared a turkey, gravy, and stuffing/dressing. The turkey was roasted on Saturday afternoon so Sunday afternoon wasn't a total rush to get all that prepared, lol!

But with all that cooking, I didn't get in a whole lot of stitching, and my kitchen is a wreck! And I have more baking to do before leaving for Boise Wednesday and some early preparations for the Confection Selection bake sale the church has on Dec. 3. So there's not much hope for my stitching or my kitchen until after the 3rd.

There has been a little progress to share with you though. First up is December of the Joyful World SAL.

After pulling several alternate colors for the reindeer, I finally decided on DMC 680, which so far I think is just right. This morning I pulled a couple alternatives for the gray that is called for and I'll make up my mind when I get to the ground portion of the design, but I'm thinking of something around 926 or maybe 3752. Anyway, I am enjoying this design and it's perfect to work on in the morning for a few minutes to start my day.

The other piece I've had out is A Moment in Chalk.

Look - I just have the border to finish up!!

It's frustrating to be this close to a finish, but have other things to do first, lol!

Hope you have a wonderful stitchy day!


Barb said...

I do like the color for the deer on the Joyful design. Enjoy your busy time coming up.

Pamela said...

Great progress. Sometimes other things interrupt our stitching time, but we get back to it later. It sounds like you are busy with good things.

diamondc said...

Von: I love the Chalk designs I have to do one sometime.
Joyful is a beautiful design.
Happy Thanksgiving


Amy said...

Those look great! I like your color choices for December.

Vickie said...

Lookin' wonderful Von! I find I am making a lot of substitutions also on this one.

Kate said...

That's a perfect colour choice for the deer.

Julie.C said...

Your stitching is looking good, i stitched one chalk design on black background and even with a white cloth behind it was hard on the eyes for me. But i did finish it.
Happy stitching

Julie said...

Looking lovely, i'll have to remember to come back here when I get to Decembers if I don't like the colour choice.
Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Brigitte said...

I think your colour choice for the deer is perfect. And wow, only the border to finish on Moment. Very successful and joyful stitching.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've really enjoyed seeing all the different versions of Joyful World. I also love the various chalkboard designs but I'm a big fan of lettering anyway.