Monday, October 10, 2016

Wonderful Weekend

My sister and her husband (from Boise) spent Friday evening with us watching the Boise State football game (in which they spanked New Mexico). Several of my kids came over too so I had some good game food and lots of fun together. Janeale got to hold our newest grandson. Wish they could visit more often!

Saturday morning I got up early to drive up to Spokane where my church has the annual women's retreat at the gorgeous Bozarth Mansion, a retreat center of Gonzaga University, arriving just in time for our speaker's first session. The subject of the sessions was a study of Elisha, which was so interesting. For lunch, I went with a few ladies downtown to The Davenport Hotel, which opened in 1914 and has been beautifully restored!

Dining room and Lobby at the Historic Davenport Hotel
Parking in downtown Spokane can be a problem, but at the Davenport, you can pull up to valet parking, have lunch, do a little shopping, then return to valet and your lunch purchase will cover your cost of parking! What a deal!

I was lucky to have two of my three daughters at the retreat. Daughter Melanie is preparing to drive to Sedona, Arizona for a plein air festival, but Mystie and Kirsten were there.

Me, Mystie, Kirsten
And when I got home I put the final stitches into Brew Haha!

Brew Haha by Plum Street Samplers (a freebie)

What a fun design to stitch and quick too!

Today the November design for the Joyful World SAL came out so I'll be kitting that up tonight. I love the peacock!

The sky is a beautiful blue, but last night we got a lot of rain - actually record setting rain for our area. We got anywhere from one inch to a half inch of rain. Many of you would scoff that such a small amount would set a record, but remember, we're in the desert! Yep, not all of Washington State looks like Seattle - we're more like Nevada. It's a real blessing to get the moisture for the winter wheat and other agricultural products we grow.

As I'm rejoicing in the rain here, I'm praying for so many who have had their homes ravaged by Hurricane Matthew and the effects of the flooding, especially for the people of Haiti. Our nephew and family in the Daytona Beach area are back in their home and the damage was not bad for them and we're very grateful for that!

I hope you have a wonderful day and week!


Pamela said...

Sounds like a good weekend. The Halloween cross stitch is very cute!

Julie said...

Such a lovely picture of you and your girls.
The hotel looks devine ....

Brigitte said...

Your weekend sounds so great. And I loved to see the picture of your and two of your daughters.
When we were in Spokane some years ago we also went to the Davenport Hotel an had some tea there. Such a great experience that I would repeat immediately.

Vickie said...

I am glad to read of your wonderful weekend Von. What a nice picture of you and your beautiful daughters. It appears you and Mystie have matching glasses.
That is a cute finish you have there.
The November pattern for Joyful World is my all time favorite. It is just gorgeous!

Melinda Forbes said...

Oh my goodness. Brew Ha Ha was the October Free Chart at my LNS. I attended Friday night stitch in last week and feel in love with this chart. Can't wait to start it. Your finish is great.

Love your picture of you and the girls. Thank you for sharing

Barb said...

Sounds like a wonderful week-end, extra special with your daughters there too, Brew Ha Ha is so cute!