Friday, October 28, 2016

Finish Friday -- and a Start

After two days of clouds and showers, the sun is back - welcome relief from the gloom! My mood is lighter and I'm so happy to share my version of November in the Joyful World SAL.

November - Joyful World SAL
Maja's peacock design was pure delight to stitch and I can hardly wait to see how the series will end next month!

Since I have a finish, I also have a start: A Spot of Autumn by The Drawn Thread.

It's a small, but very lovely, design at 52 x 52 stitches. I had the called for 36 ct. Edinborough linen in Summer Khaki in my stash, but this is the design I'm trying out the Sullivans floss in place of the DMC.

The cross stitching on this 36 ct linen calls for only one strand of floss, so it's hard to compare how it lays. In my stitching so far - which is only the tree structure shown above - I'd have to say the Sullivans feels a little bit smoother than DMC. The leaves I've stitched with Gloriana, Autumn Arbor. There's nothing smoother than silk. If I could stitch only with silk, I'd be a very indulged and happy stitcher!

Spot of Autumn
The next couple of days are going to be busy here. I'm having a little family get together on Saturday evening to celebrate the baptism of our new grandson, Isaac, and his mother, Sarah. Then on Sunday, after church and the baptisms, we have a little birthday celebration at my oldest daughter's home for Geneva, who will be 4 on Nov. 2. I'll be taking her out birthday shopping and lunch on Wednesday - so much fun!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Vickie said...

Hooray for your stitching! Your new start is pretty. And your week to come sounds great!

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your November Joyful SAL finish! I really like the colors in it. You are off to a good start on the Drawn Thread piece. Enjoy your weekend!

Margaret said...

Beautiful peacock. You have been busy lately on all fronts:-)

Marilyn said...

November turned out so pretty.
Nothing better than a Drawn Thread design. :)
Have fun at the Baptisms/parties!

Barb said...

Nov. turned out so pretty. The little Drawn thread piece is going to be lovely. Have a wonderful time at all the family events. I know what you mean about the sun. Yesterday was delightful!

Melinda Forbes said...

November is beautiful. What a peacock. I love the Drawn thread. I have a couple of charts that call for Sullivans thread - Sue Hillis. I am thinking I should try it. I love the Drawn Tread. Your stitching is beautiful Have a wonderful birthday celebration and enjoy the time spent with family and friends.

Brigitte said...

Oh lovely Von, you finished the little peacock. So a new start is a must :)
Great choice, I love the seasonal spots by DT.

Julie said...

Super finish, the Drawn Thread does look lovely.
Enjoy your family time.

Sheryl S. said...

Beautiful November stitching on the Joyful World SAL, I´m way behind with mine. The Spot of Autumn pattern looks lovely too.

Pamela said...

Your November piece is gorgeous! Nicely done.

Carol said...

I do love the peacock in this design--it is just such a pretty finish. And the DT piece you've chosen for your next project is so sweet. She does such a wonderful job with the colors in her designs :)

Sounds like a busy, but fun weekend! Happy November to you!