Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Progress and Regress

Yes, regress. Ugh.

The ugly stitches at the bottom of the center banner in A Moment in Chalk offended me so much I just had to get rid of them and try again. Out they came and here is where I began again:

I've found that working on the WDW Gunmetal linen goes better for me in the daytime, even with good lighting at night. After working on it this morning, this is where I ended -

A Moment in Chalk
And progress has been made on my Joyful World SAL pieces. Today I'll show you September and save August for later.

Doesn't look like much yet, but I am enjoying the fall colors called for in this design.

The summer heat has moderated a bit this week and it's been so pleasant! So nice to walk in the neighborhood again rather than the treadmill at the gym. But I'm noticing that the sun is going down earlier which always makes me sad - I so love the long days of summer and hate the short winter days.

Last night my husband came home from Costco with 2 LED bulbs to replace the fluorescent ones in the basement where my craft space is. Wow! What a difference!! I really like the light - it's so bright! It might even get me through the dark winter days in better spirits, especially if we get a couple more light kits installed.

Till later, my friends!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

stitching looks good. I like the blue - those dark colors are a beast though!

Kaisievic said...

Great progress on both your pieces, my dear.

Carol said...

Your chalkboard piece looks like perfect morning stitching :) And, I, too, love those colors on the SAL piece for September. I'm feeling a bit bad that fall is moving in--I so love the longer, lazier evenings of summer!

Vickie said...

Nice work Von. I have yet to begin September. :)

Jackie said...

Great tip on working with that linen. I have some for a new start. Love the color but was wondering if it would drive me nuts!