Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Doings

Another great weekend is in the books and here we are in the middle of August already! It's crazy!

Saturday morning my church hosted a baby shower for my daughter-in-law Sarah. Yes, she and my son Kevin are having their first child in just about a month from now! It's a little boy and they've decided to name him Isaac. We had a wonderful time blessing this new little family! After that fun, I went out to a friend's place where she was hosting a 40th birthday party for the Twice & Thrice Mothers of Multiples club. We looked at old pictures from the conventions and other meetings and events we went to over the years. The club was such a lifesaver when my twins were little guys.

So Saturday was a party and the partying continued to Sunday, which was our oldest grandson's 13th birthday! I cannot believe he's 13 already! Today I took him out to spend some of his birthday money at REI, then for some lunch at Bob's Burgers.

Hans and Nana out for lunch!
In between all that partying I got in a little stitching.

August - Joyful World SAL
September - Joyful World SAL
A Moment in Chalk
I'm really not happy with the bottom three rows of the banner which I stitched first one x at a time since I'm using overdyed floss. But this 30 ct linen is quite loosely woven and more difficult to get a nice stitch than I'm used to. That's one reason why I transferred this over to a scroll frame and I'm stitching in rows. The tension is much better and the stitches are even. There's not a lot of color variation in this skein so stitching by row looks fine. We'll see how the other colors look when I get to them.


Brigitte said...

A lot of festivities and everything sounds like a lot of fun, Von. When our little grandson was here last month I also took him to a coffee shop every now and then and there we ate our favorite cake together, only grandma and him. And we were having a great time together.
Nice stitching projects you are working on. A nice idea to stitch A Moment in Chalk on that blue fabric instead the black one.

butterfly said...

Looks like you are having a fab family time.
Great stitching starts .

Cindy's Stitching said...

Congratulations. You have a lot to celebrate. Great stitching you are working. It's hard to believe we are halfway through August.

Barb said...

So many fun things going on. I'm so glad you got to have a wonderful outing with your grandson. Mine turns 12 next week. Where does the time go??