Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Update

As is the tradition for us, the Saturday before Easter my grandchildren come over to color eggs. I hard boil enough so each child has a dozen eggs, so that's five dozen! My oldest grand is 12 now and I wasn't sure he'd still want to color eggs, but he did! Yay!

I added a different coloring technique this year that the older ones seemed to enjoy. I put some rice in a little bowl, then put drops of food coloring into the rice and worked the egg around the colored rice which transferred the colors. We got some fun effects!

As usual, things get pretty messy and my daughter loves that I'll have the mess at my house. Heaven knows she cleans enough messes every day at her own!

Once the eggs were colored, Kyle took filled plastic eggs outside to hide, then the hunt was on.

Saturday's weather was glorious! However, later than day, the flu bug hit my house hard. Gary had been holding it off, but it finally put him in bed Saturday evening and I made him stay there all day Sunday too. Meanwhile, I went to church, and the "kids" that could came over for dinner. I gave the house a good spray of Lysol and said a prayer so that no one else would get sick. Unfortunately, Tuesday morning, Kirsten came home early from work, looking like the fever was coming on, headache, and tired. Sure enough, the flu got her too.  Knock on wood, I'm okay so far!

Today I was able to take a lovely drive up the Yakima Valley to Yakima so I could shop for new carpet for our office up there. The day was sunny and warm and when you can see snow-covered Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier before you get to Prosser, you know the drive will be spectacular! My mission for carpet was successful and I think it will make a big difference in the sound quality for the office.

So with Easter activities and taking care of my sick ones, all I've managed is to get to the gym to get some steps on my Fitbit. Guess that's something.


Barb said...

Really great photos of your wonderful grand children! Our 10 year old was quite excited too. I guess you don't out grow that excitement. The flu is here too. We are ok so far. I hope all your family will be well soon. The mountains have been awesome on this side of the mountains also. We are loving the sun!!!!

Vickie said...

What eggcellent fun! ;) Our 19 and 17 year olds still like to dye Easter eggs.
I am sorry the flu has come round. I hope you avoid it!

viv said...

Loved seeing the pictures. Do hope everyone is soon recovered from the flu and it misses you. The mountains were lovely, I know. I remember flying in to Seattle once and the pilot came on encouraging us to look out and see all 3 mountain peaks saying it was unusual to have such a glorious view. It was spectacular. We have beautiful mountains here, but the Pacific Northwest is majestic.

Carol said...

What a wonderful Easter tradition you have, Von! The grandkids will always remember it. My mom used to decorate Christmas cookies with all of her grandchildren the day before Christmas and even though they are all grown now, they have never forgotten how special that time with her was...

Hope you continue to avoid the flu!! Happy April to you!

Julie said...

Such Easter fun the children are having, the eggs look great.
Get well wishes for the poorly folks, hope they are getting better and the bugs have not landed with you.

Brigitte said...

Such nice family pictures. We also loved to colour eggs and to go egg hunting with the children when they were little. It was always an event.
The flu bug also hit us over Easter, too, mostly my husband, not so much me. I hope you are fine again.