Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pushing Through

The sun has been shining in E. Washington this week and plants are starting to pop!

In front of the house, the tulips are getting tall and I'm sure blooms will appear soon. Interspersed with the tulips are daylilies that are exceptionally hardy and can withstand the encroachment of the maple tree roots.

The iris are also beginning to emerge.

And the roses are beginning to grow again!

I haven't begun any clean up yet and I'm itching to get started pruning back the roses. Darn job. I don't mind when the weather is funky, but on beautiful days I wanna get out and work in the garden!

Maybe the weather and my calender will cooperate with me this weekend. Hope so!


viv said...

I want to be outside playing in the dirt, too. Spring will come.

Barb said...

My yard looks a lot like yours. How soon is it safe to prune roses? We worked on a few Hydrangea bushes the last two days. They were very overgrown!

Vickie said...

Lucky you! Spring is still a long way off here in Wisconsin. The only yard clean up I have done thus far is poop patrol. ;)

Sherry said...

Some trees have buds on them around here. I need to get outside and trim up a few bushes!

Brigitte said...

Oh great, everything is already growing in your garden, no doubt that there will soon be tulips blooming.

Julie said...

A few little sprouts here too, but they are predicting snow showers this weekend.... better wrap up warm.