Friday, November 06, 2015

A Little Stitching and a Birthday Girl

Over the last few weeks I have actually gotten in a little bit of stitching. I saw a couple of bloggers stitch up Falling Leaves from the DMC website, and it looked like a good one to use up some of my extra fabric pieces and overdyed floss.

For such a simple pattern, it's taking me forever to get it finished. But I am enjoying the stitching.

Current progress on Falling Leaves

I've also got a small start on Blue Ribbon Designs Red Velvet Inscription Sampler - very small.

There are 26 of these squares in the design, so this will definitely be a long-term project for me!

But the best part of this week was spending Wednesday with my just-turned 3-year-old granddaughter. We went to the car wash, the mall, Costco, McDonald's, then to my office and had a blast together.

I hope you had a wonderful week like mine!


Vickie said...

Pretty stitching. The Blue Ribbon Design is intriguing. Your GD is precious.

viv said...

Love seeing your sweet granddaughter and your stitching.

Barb said...

Nice stitching but the best is that beautiful little girl! How lucky you get to spend time with her. My Hannah lives in Alabama!

Barb said...

Your stitching is wonderful but your granddaughter is absolutely so beautiful and so precious. You are lucky & blessed!!

Carol said...

I've always admired that Falling Leaves chart and yours is looking so pretty in the colors you've chosen, Von! And how sweet is your special birthday girl--sounds like a perfect day for the two of you :)

Julie said...

She's a sweetie, belated Birthday wishes to your little lady.
Nice leaves, I like those.

Mylene said...

Happy belated birthday to your lovely little grandchild!
Love the colours you are using for the Falling leaves.

Karoline said...

Lovely to see you stitching again. Bet the pair of you had a wonderful time

Brigitte said...

Oh my, a day with your little granddaughter - what could beat this :)) You must have been so happy, both of you.
Your have two very lovely projects on the go.