Thursday, December 04, 2014

More Baking

My new Bosch mixer got a good workout today mixing up dough for 25 loaves of bread. Not all the loaves will go to the Confection Selection, however, as I had a couple batches flop on me. Most of the problem was mine I'm sure as I haven't used the mixer enough to become really familiar with it.

This new Bosch is a slightly different shape bowl so some of the signals I looked for in the old Bosch to indicate the gluten is close to being developed aren't quite the same. Also it's more powerful so I think I beat a couple of batches to death. One of those batches went into the garbage, the other I just baked as normal sandwich bread. While the loaves are ugly, my daughter says the bread tastes good, so they'll go into the freezer.

The rest of the loaves are all cinnamon swirl. The bottom of one loaf opened up as I was turning it out. The kids always love when that happens since that loaf can be eaten right away. Since there were no kids around today, I cut a slice of that one for myself - quality control, you know!

I hope all the loaves of cinnamon swirl bread taste as good!


Barb said...

Von, that looks just wonderful!!

Margaret said...

Oh my, that looks so yummy. Wish I could drop by to taste.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Yumo! I wish my computer came with smell--the bread looks delicious

Carol said...

Oh, they look amazing--next to chocolate, homemade bread is my favorite thing to eat :)