Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Initial It

It's been a few days since I graphed and stitched my initials on the back piece of the VS Victorian Purse. I wish I could get the color rendering closer to real life as I really love the soft, muted shades Thea uses, with just a touch of shine.

It's been cold here lately, but no snow. Gray days, freezing fog in places. It puts me to sleep. The weather people are telling us we could get some freezing rain tonight which is the worst. I'd much rather have snow!

Stay warm, my friends!


chickenchupacabra said...

Wow! Nice job on the initials & where to place the "shimmers" . . . the colors on this piece are truly gorgeous.

llknbillburg said...

That is one of my favorite pieces and the colors are just gorgeous! I know what you mean about the ice, the worst!!! Laura

Julie said...

Super colours... very very nice.

Sharon said...

That is just beautiful Von!