Saturday, August 09, 2014

Long Beach Weekend

Last weekend was our annual Paulson family reunion in Ocean Park, WA. We always look forward to escaping the heat! And this year the weather was really quite nice, highs in the low 60s, and the wind was minimal to quite still. Sunday, after the family lunch, we grabbed the skim boards and drove out on the beach for a bit of skim boarding.

Melanie took the opportunity to paint the ocean waves, an unusual subject for her. I think she did a great job, but she wasn't as enthused. I did see her take several photos which she often uses for references in future work.

Those with the mostly uncoordinated Paulson gene, had a difficult time skimming, however, son-in-law Daniel had success and a great time. Monday's weather was not nice, so we didn't get another chance to try out the boards again. Hoping next year we'll have a chance to use the boards more and the kids will succeed.

After the beach, we drove down to Astoria for the annual climb up the Column to throw balsa wood planes from the top. I didn't go to the top as it was just so nice to enjoy the sun and the various views from the hill. We then drove down the hill for a bite to eat at Fort George pub and brewery, followed by a huge ice cream cone at Scoopers in Long Beach. Yummy, and a very rare treat for Gary and me. We shared a 2-scoop cone and really it was too much as we don't indulge in that much sugar these days.

Since we haul the trailer to the reunion every year, we arrive early and stay late. Soon I'll share some of our Monday excursion.


Barb said...

What a great place for a vacation. I love Long Beach and Astoria. I told my husband if I had seen Astoria first, I might have had a hard time deciding which place to choose for our retirement!

Annette-California said...

Beautiful photos of your family!
Nice to get cool by the ocean:)
love Annette

Deb said...

Dear Von, Thank you for stopping by my blog and catching up with me. It's been a while! Lovely trip to the beach for you and your family... I've loved looking over your blog to catch up, too!
Hugs, Deb/LavenRoseRamblings

Julie said...

Super pics of the beach and I love the lady painting, that is gorgeous.

Carol said...

How nice--it looks like a great vacation spot!

Brigitte said...

Wonderful pictures from a happy time at the beash. Astoria and Long Beach are such beautiful places.

Margaret said...

Great pictures Von. What fun your family reunion must have been.