Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Monday Night Softball

For the last couple of months, Monday night has meant church league ladies' softball games. Our team is sponsored by our church, but we've taken in players from other churches who don't have teams.

Kirsten has been playing for several years now and has gone from a total neophyte, to one of the team's better hitters and a good catcher. They usually make the young girls catch as it's pretty hard on the knees.

Pregame Prayer

Action on the Sidelines

About to score!
We have some lovely summer evenings so watching softball games is a nice way to spend some time. Usually there are friends to chat with and lots of little kids to entertain us too.

This week, though, we're having a heat wave and the hundred-plus-degrees zap your energy! In between games, they turn sprinklers on the fields to keep the dust down, so some of the girls soaked themselves as well. Water inside and out is definitely what it takes to manage the heat.

In honor of our July heat, I've changed the header on the ol' blog here to reflect what I spend my time doing - moving the sprinkler around!

Stay cool, my friends!


Julie said...

Fun new header.
Good luck to the team!

Carol said...

Ha ha! Love the reasoning behind the new header--and that is a great photo, too!

I could never squat down like that--no wonder they have the younger girls be the catchers!! Best of luck to Kirsten and her team!

Barb said...

Looks like a great way to spend a summer evening. I have been very worried about you folks on the East side of the mts. The fires!! I hope you are safe with nothing near your home. Fires start our local news every night.

viv said...

Great sprinkler photo. We finished a baseball season when our grandson graduated, but his sister just made the volleyball team, so more games in our future. Can't believe her school starts July 28.

Brigitte said...

All the best to the team. And yes, the new header is more than appropriate for hot summer weeks, lol.