Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Still Going

Just dropping in to let you all know that preparations for the great day are in high gear. I've done about all I have time for in the garden. That includes hand edging the back yard. Don't worry - it's not that large.

I love my steel edging, but the mower doesn't do that great  leaving a neat edge. So I took the hedge clippers and hacked away.

Then I needed to replace a flower on my granddaughters' dresses for the wedding. The original was kinda wimpy and the bride really wanted something yellow since her colors are yellow and lavender. So I went hacking away again, getting those flowers off, then fashioned a ruffly rose out of yellow ribbon.

Of course, there's been lots of cleaning and moving things around. Today I brought home a ton of food. Tomorrow morning I wake up bright and early and get 30 pounds of brisket on the Traeger, then go out with the groom for reception food shopping. Sometime I need to go get a mani/pedi too!

Well, gotta get back to a little food prep, then bed!


Brigitte said...

All these preparations keep you busy busy busy. Yellow and lavender, what a nice colour combination for the wedding.

Julie said...

Such pretty little dresses... sounds like you are really organised. Enjoy the relaxation and pampering of the manicure etc.

Melissa said...

Oh the frenzy is on! I can see you sleeping for a week after the wedding!

The girls dresses are looking lovely. I hope you get that mani/pedi in before the big day.

Barb said...

Have fun! The yellow roses are just perfect!

Margaret said...

Wow - busy, busy. Sounds like you have it all under control though.

What a pretty dress for your granddaughter. Love the color combination.

Have a wonderful day.

Carol said...

Somehow it will all come together and be beautiful!! Enjoy the special day with your family :)

viv said...

Looking forward to seeing beautiful pictures.