Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

It's been a good week here On the Dry Side. Today, Saturday, is bright and shiny following a drippy Friday. Maybe I'll get out to do some yard work today. I really need to get tough on myself and get out there when the weather is less than perfect.

Our grandsons, Hans and Jaeger (ages 10 and 8), have finished up their speech class for this school year and Tuesday evening the class presented their final speeches for friends and family. If you want to be bowled over by some awesome kids, find yourself a homeschool group like this one! Each child had about 3-4 minutes for their speech and each one was very well prepared and presented with ease, personality, and grace. The topics varied greatly from child to child with Hans talking about why you should teach your child to cook, and Jaeger discussing ancient weaponry. I can't wait until next year!

Wednesday Gary and I drove over to Walla Walla for a JV track meet. Kirsten competed in both discus and shot this time. She did pretty well in shot, throwing 24 feet (and they haven't practiced much shot yet), but not so great with the disc that time. And to top it off, she just about beaned her parents with two wild throws out of bounds. Goodness! I guess I'd better go back to watching with my binoculars from the stands, lol!! 

Really, she had a bad day influenced by allergies to something over there in Walla Walla as on Thursday her right eye was all swollen and a bit pink, and her sinuses were full. I don't believe it was pink eye, but I kept her home anyway. She's a hard charger at school and track and she needed a rest day, so by the end of the day the swelling was down and she was feeling better.

Of course, the threat of pink eye didn't keep her boyfriend away. :D

This week in my blog reading I can across this witticism on Scattered Threads blog:

You don't know what you have . . . until you clean your room.

Oh dear, I embody that saying! I mean, I do know that I have a serious Victoria Sampler addiction, but in going through my stack of designs the enormity of my problem became very clear.

Now I did not purchase all of those charts and acc pacs - some were received as gifts at the VS retreats I've been to. However, those same retreats tempted me with all the gorgeousness that is the Victoria Sampler, and I just had to have this one, and that one . . .  And I do have a few more in the drawers next to my stitching chair. Oh for a stitching genie!!

Another temptation presented itself not long ago, and the result landed on my doorstep yesterday.

Martha Pullen store had a clearance on some of their wonderful fabrics and lace and I couldn't let those bargains just pass me by! 

Well, the day is getting away from me and I really must get a few chores done. I hope your weekend is an enjoyable one!

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