Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's Been A Quiet Week

It has been a rather quiet week around here, and that's kinda nice! I've been able to continue with garden clean up and the clean up list gets longer the more time I spend outside.

Daughter Kirsten had a slow week as well since she had late start to school three days, then Friday totally off. No, the late start wasn't weather related - the weather was gorgeous. The sophomore class had to take the state-required standardized test in the mornings, so the other classes got the mornings off, then to class after lunch. I think of it as mini Spring Break.

Son Kevin got home Friday for his Spring Break from Eastern Wash. Univ. It's good to have the boy home again for a few days!

I got over to the court club a couple of times this week for a work out. Wednesday I worked really hard and have been recovering since. :) I figure gardening and pruning the roses counts as a form of exercise.

Of course, Friday was daughter Melanie's birthday (26!) but I didn't get to see her as she and hubby spent the weekend in Walla Walla celebrating. 

And this weekend was the Ram Relay meet in Yakima, Washington. Kirsten was one of three discus throwers for the meet and she had a 20 ft PR from her best last year. Of course, she's not happy with her performance Saturday, but there will be lots more opportunities to improve.

I'll be back soon with updates on my creative efforts, such as they are. Enjoy your weekend!


Julie said...

Have fun with your son at home.
Gardening is definitely good exercise.

Margaret said...

I was just looking at your profile -- 7 kids! Wow! How do you keep them all straight? lol! Good luck with the gardening and stuff. I'm not a gardener so I admire anyone who is.

Barb said...

I'm so happy you are getting to spend time with your family!

viv said...

LOVE the tulips.

Carol said...

Wow! A discus thrower--now that is impressive :) I'm sure she'll just keep getting better and better throughout the track season!

Enjoy your garden time--I don't think things will warm up around here until June :(