Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blooming Now

In July the roses do not rebloom all at once. Right now these two roses are looking really nice.

Rose - Lawrence of Arabia

Rose - Anne Hathaway
And two of the heirloom tomato plants a friend gave me are going gangbusters - just hope I get a good amount of fruit from them!


Karoline said...

Gorgeous flowers

viv said...

Beautiful. We're into crepe myrtles blooming here and the roses re-blooming.
Also have some pink fuzzy bush blooming, not the mimosas which are done. I'll have to look that name up. Hugs across the miles.

Karen said...

Your roses are gorgeous! You have quite the green thumb I think. :)

Lelia said...

Hi Von: Lovely when our flowers bloom!!! Our gardens are 'late' this year as we have unusual weather.

Currently, chickory and Queen Anne's lace wildflowers are EVERYWHERE!

Scattered daisy, too

Enjoy the day