Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Overview

Life went into overdrive this spring. Unfortunately, I do not have that gear anymore! So not only stitching, but blogging, and even some gardening took a back seat to other things.

First off, Kevin and Kyle graduated from high school.

Then Brendan got his A.A.degree from Columbia Basin College. 

All three boys now have jobs and Brendan even moved out of the house to share an apartment with a friend. I think he's really happy with his new-found independence. The twins will be attending CBC in September.

 Gary and I went camping with Hans and Jaeger to Hat Rock State Park, just over the border in Oregon. They had a great time geocaching, and the boys scored a motorcycle ride from our camping neighbors. 

A couple of weeks later we took Kirsten and two friends to Kamiah, Idaho, to do some 5-day clubs there. Kamiah is located on the upper Clearwater River, beautiful country and great camping. We grabbed Jaeger for a special weekend and spent some time exploring the Lochsa River, Lolo Pass, and Dworshak Dam. I think we found a great campground to go to next year with all the family! 

August takes us to Ocean Park, WA for the annual Paulson family reunion. This year was stellar with a big attendance and the best weather we've had in many a year. In fact on Saturday it was 90^, forcing us to get to the beach to cool off!

Kirsten, Ilse, and Knox try out the skim board

Troy (2nd cousin), Geoff, Kyle, Kirsten, Sarah (Kevin's GF), Kevin at the Astoria Column
Now September has hit and Kirsten is back at school - only one child left. And she's driving too! Ack!

Kirsten on 1st day of sophomore year


viv said...

Congrats all around. You've had a lovely summer. Look forward to hearing from you more now.

Lynn said...

Wow, I thought my summer was busy but yours tops it!
Congrats to all the graduates in your house and good luck to all on the start of another school year.

Brigitte said...

Wow, your summer was really busy. Thanks for sharing all the great family and scenery pictures.

a woman who is said...

Oh man...life is whizzing by! Why doesn't it slow down =)

StitchCat said...

Your children certainly leave you proud :-)