Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Happy Birthday!

My youngest daughter is 15 today! She is so excited to take driver's training (Lord give me strength!). Today the two of us will be at the mall having fun shopping together. The mall is not my usual hangout, nor is shopping my thing, but I do enjoy these trips with Kirsten.

I so loved having babies, but now that all of those babies are grown, or almost so, I have to say I also love watching their talents bloom, their interests grow and sometimes change. They're just great people I like to be around. I'm a blessed mamma. :)


Lelia said...

15??? Doesn't seem possible.

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enjoy the day, and Happy Easter

Mylene said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter, Von.

Happy Easter!!

Lynn said...

Hope Kirsten celebrated a wonderful birthday! I remember how excited I was about starting driver's ed.
I'm also enjoying my sons as they mature and forge lives for themselves. They're all interesting and fun people to be around!

Sharon said...

She is so pretty! Happy belated Birthday to her. Happy Easter to you!

viv said...

What a lovely young lady. Belated best wishes.