Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer seems to have loosened its grip and Fall has taken over here in E. Washington. Temperatures are in the 70s this week and believe me, the runners in my house are so much happier! Not that we can complain about this year's summer - no extreme temperatures into the 100s, which is typical here.

The school routine is in place with Kevin having started classes at the community college last week. Middle son, Brendan, is struggling to find a job. Until he finds something I've had him working at painting the house. He's not particularly happy about that, hehehe. Maybe school will start to look better.

XC season is here and this year we have 3 runners, my two senior boys and my freshman daughter. Luckily this year the girls team has the same meet schedule as the boys, thanks to the boys' coach having a senior daughter as #1 runner. :) This makes our life much easier, as well as coach's!

The boys are burning up the fields here in the Northwest and dominating our school league (3A) with perfect scores against five of the six schools at the last league meet. They have also brought home hardware at the invites they've run so far, winning the New Balance Festival of Champs in Oregon City, and the girls varsity taking 4th place.

Tomorrow is the biggest invite of them all, at least in terms of numbers. Here's the Facebook update today:

Sunfair Invitational Cross Country Meet
‎1 Day left until Sunfair! Here are the final Registration numbers:
118 Schools/Clubs - 87 HS, 25 MS, 8 Elem, 2 Clubs
2,530 Runners: 2221 HS, 226 MS, 77 Elem, 6 Club
It's going to be a GREAT day of racing! The course is finished, come on out today and take a practice run

Yes, that is a LOT of kids! This is one of two meets that ESPN Rise (aka DyeStat) will be covering tomorrow as the caliber of teams and runners is excellent, many are nationally ranked.  We're hoping Kamiakin runners have another awesome meet and bring home more trophies!

Along with all the xc excitement, we just today moved my Dad's things over to Parkview Senior Living where he has a nice little studio apartment overlooking the front of the building as well as views of a nearby park. He began his stay in August, initially as a short-term stay while the family was on vacation. But he enjoyed the people there so much, he wanted to make it permanent. Well, it took awhile to get his studio ready, but now he's in. Brendan, Kevin, and I spent most of today carting over the few items of furniture, the rest of his clothes, etc., and now I'm tired! It's so nice to have him in a place where he's well cared for and I can do all my running around the state and not worry about how he's getting along.

So we're leaving for Yakima/Sunfair at 6 a.m., which means I have to get up at 0-dark-thirty. I hope you have a very nice weekend!


Lynn said...

I see you're back to another busy season on the running circuit! At least they're all on the same schedule.
You must be relieved now that your Dad has settled in at his new home. It's certainly much less of a worry for you.

Kathryn said...

I read this a few days(weeks?) ago and meant to congratulate you on your speedy kids. I see now that I got distracted! So:
Congratulations on your speedy kids! Great photos, too!