Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun Day at the Track

I knew horses ran a steeplechase, but had no idea high school track had the event too! Coach chose the twins to run in this  event at Saturday's Kiwanis Invite down in Hermiston, Oregon.

He said he chose them because they are resilient. DH said he thought the more appropriate word is "expendable"!

This event is 3000 meters - seven times around the track with four obstacles, including this pond.
My boys came in 5th and 6th place with Kevin at 11:03 and Kyle at 11:12. Not bad.

The weather cooperated with us for the meet, but Easter Sunday was not quite as nice as the wind showed up again. The wind has been almost a constant this spring. Seems like 18 mph with 25-30 gusts being about average. When will we get a full week of nice weather??


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Whoa!! Not bad at all!!! My boys did track and field and cross country...lots of fun!! I miss it!

Nancy in IL said...

Hi Von! Our Easter was much the same as yours, windy and not too nice. In fact, our spring has been a record wet one, but the flowers, bushes, and trees are something to behold. I don't remember them ever being so beautiful!

In seeing your kids in action and seeing how busy you are with them, I am envious of those happy days. Even my grandkids are not as much fun anymore. The youngest one is 17, and we're looked at as the old fogies, LOL! Well, we actually ARE old fogies, with arthritis and all ;-)

Carolyn NC said...

Dang - that looks brutal!

Lynn said...

Congrats on your boys' finishes!
As for the weather, I'm disgusted with it. It's finally much warmer here but it hasn't stopped raining for several days now.

Karen said...

Congrats to your boys for doing well at the meet! That course looks really challenging!

♥marylin♥ said...

bravo !


Brigitte said...

Wow, a very successful day!

Siobhan said...

What a great pic! Congrats to your boys.