Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Of Roses, Camping, and School

Okay, so July is behind us, it's August, and next week school starts. Life is busier than ever and I'm trying to believe that sanity will return, after the wedding. Well, maybe after Christmas.

New rose babies are getting settled into their new homes in my borders. Crocus Rose, Alnwick Rose, The Impressionist, Julia Child, Tamora, and Tea Clipper are my late July plantings. This week I've added five more: Apricot Impressionist, Crown Princess Margareta, Eden, Lady of the Mist, and Strawberry Hill. DH has finally finished the back fence so I can get the last part of the border planted. I can hardly wait for next spring!! There will be some moving around of roses I'm not entirely happy with, a couple of shrubs that need a more appropriate place in the garden, and lots more new baby roses.

Now planting rose babies here in the heat of the summer can be problematic. Strong sun and heat, and young, tender roses are a bad combination. Rather than rig up some complicated shading system, I took the rather inelegant, but effective, option of plopping down white lawn chairs over the top of the roses. Worked like a charm! I amaze myself sometimes, lol!

The first part of August we took a ten-day family vacation, pulling the trailer to Ocean Park, WA. As always, we left after work on Thursday evening since we have a difficult time getting up, packing the last minute items, hooking up the trailer, and getting out of town in the morning. We left town about sundown and got as far as Multnomah Falls, just east of Portland. It's amazing to wake up in the morning to view the beautiful falls before any other visitors are there!

From there we spent three days with the huge Paulson clan. Monday we moved camp to Fort Stevens State Park near Astoria, OR. What a great campground! Lots of walking and biking trails, military history museum, military batteries to explore, a beached shipwreck, a freshwater lake to kayak on, and so much more. The only thing lacking was a bit of sunshine.

Which we got plenty of when we moved camp to Randle, WA, for a weekend with a group of geocachers from all over the state. As we headed east from Astoria, the sun shone brighter and warmer; oh, it felt so good! :D

Beautiful sunshine, bright blue skies and warmth were plentiful for the rest of the vacation. Friday we made a trip up to Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park. Kevin and Kyle got in a high elevation run while DH, Kirsten, and I took a more leisurely stroll up to Myrtle Falls.

I can't imagine that there has ever been a more perfect day at the mountain!

It's a good thing we had such a relaxing vacation because we had to jump straight into the deep end of back-to-school madness with sports physicals, new shoes, class schedules, changing said schedules, and CEF Good News Clubs. Now this week is the county fair and finally next Monday school will start once again.

While on vacation I did get a bit of stitching in, so perhaps there will actually be another post with that update soon! We shall see. :)


Vonna said...

Your roses are beautiful and from the looks of that picture, your backyard is going to be GORGEOUS!!!
What pretty,breath-taking pictures from you vacation! My how your boys are growing!
Back to school for us was last week. I'm exhausted! From the sounds of it you are too, take your vitamins, I'm taking mine :)

Carolyn NC said...

Love the roses and pics from your vacation - very pretty!

Sonda in OR said...

I'm ever jealous of your backyard. Mine is coming so slowly I believe it will be years before it is finished. Of course, less stitching and more yard work might help. :O)

Lynn said...

I love all your roses Von! Where I grew up we had many rose gardens in our yard including rose trees. The city I grew up in was nicknamed the city of roses. Roses don't survive the winter well where we live now and I sure miss them.
Lovely vacation pics! The mountain is gorgeous! Hope you get through all the back to school rush and then can settle down for some serious stitching.

Brigitte said...

I was drooling over the marvellous picture of Mt. Rainier for quite a while. You must have spent a great family vacation at great places.
Love your rose pictures.

Dianne said...

That was an awesome idea to shade the roses which are gorgeous! I had a good rose year too.
Your trip sure looks like you explored God's country. I have people in Oregon who I've never met. My dad was from there. I've haven't been out west yet.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. : )

Mary said...

Great pics and wonderful views! The garden is so pretty now, but next year will be even more beautiful. Can't wait to see some pictures next year.