Monday, January 04, 2010

Football . . .Really?

There are sounds and sights that filled my childhood that are rarely heard and seen by my own children in our home. My mother had seven brothers. Thus, she could throw a baseball better than most boys in the neighborhood. She loved racing me and my sisters to the mailbox, and beating us. She watched a lot of sports on television. Saturdays ABC's Wide World of Sports was tuned in. On New Years Day she would place the small television from her bedroom on top of the large set in the living room so she could watch two bowl games at once. There was chili on the stove - fend for yourself because Mom was glued to her games.

Mom had three daughters who never could learn to throw. Eventually we did grow and could beat Mom to the mailbox. We liked to watch ice skating on television. Two of us married guys who were not big sports fans and our children have not grown up to the sound of the crowds roaring on the tv and their mother yelling at the quarterback, or tight end, or blocker.

They didn't even know what a first down was until a couple of years ago when Boise State University went to the Fiesta Bowl and I turned the television to Fox to watch the game, being a BSU alum. Some kids came upstairs from the basement lair to see what was going on, a couple came in from outdoors to see Mom (me) watching a football game and wondering what happened to their mother. I told them to come in and watch for Uncle Jim and Aunt Paula on tv (they're huge Boise State fans and were in Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl). As we watched, I explained some basics of the game. And what a game it was, the best college football game ever played.

Watching football games still isn't a normal activity in our household, but now and then I will watch one if there's a compelling reason. This year DH and I watched the Rose Bowl as the Oregon Ducks were playing. They lost, but it was a good game. And tonight we're actually having a family football fest! Son Geoff is bringing a friend over and we're going to be watching BSU once again in the Fiesta Bowl. I'm not expecting the same fireworks of the 2007 game, but we're going to have a good time and maybe even do a little yelling and cheering.

It'll sound like home.


Kathryn said...

Oh Von,
You've just stirred up childhood memories for me, too! I remember my dad watching football on what must have been Sunday afternoons. One team I remember him cheering for was the Green Bay Packers. I didn't know much about the rules of the game, but the sight of the field and players on TV, as well as the sound of the announcer and the roaring crowd, burned a delightful spot in my brain that can be easily rekindled to this day. I do watch football now, mostly CFL, and I still don't know the finer points, but it does take me back to those cosy Sunday afternoons of my childhood. Thanks for the happy memory!
Kathryn ; )

Connie Dunton said...

My parents NEVER watched football on TV and it wasn't until sitting in the stands at high school games that friends taught me the basics of the game. John and the in-law boys all watch football, so it is pretty common to hear our granddaughters cheer for a team.

I will never forget the playoff game BSU played when we lived in Boise. What a game, we were screaming and yelling so loud!!! I'm sure we will have the Fiesta Bowl on tonight too!

a woman who is said...

How funny, my mom was a huge sports fan too! My dad was also in on the fun, and a house load of relies. Like you my DH is not, and every once in awhile I miss the sound of mom hollering at the quarter back too. lol Enjoy the game, and please give a few shout outs for me too! =]

Siobhan said...

Some sounds and things just bring you back, don't they?! Enjoy!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Von, Happy New Year!!

It's funny how different our
two countries are when it comes
to sports, even though we are
right next door to each other.

DH and I often marvel at the
incredibly large crowds that
attend football games in the
U.S. Professional or University
the stadiums are packed, often
in spite of the weather. Here
our little Canadian Football
League (8 teams strong!!) may
or may not fill half a stadium,
depending on the team and how
well it's doing. Toronto's
team has
achieving for quite a few years
now so the fans don't come out
in droves.

Hockey is suppose to be our game,
and here in Ontario and in
Toronto specifically it doesn't
matter if the Maple Leafs are
playing good, bad or worse (and
it often seems to be worse) the
Air Canada Center is always
packed to the rafters and seasons
tickets are rarer then hen's
teeth. However, in other parts
of the country teams have folded
because of lack of interest.

I've never cared for sports of
any kind so I don't know much
about the rules and regulations
for baseball, football, or even
hockey, and I don't watch any
of it. DH will watch occasionally
but isn't a rabid fan of any
particular game.

Our Christmas day we had just the
four of us here opening presents
and sitting down to dinner. But
I'd love to experience a
Christmas with a crowd of family
numbering 22. It sounds like it
would be a ton of fun. But I'm
afraid that we'd have to rent
most of the bodies to make up
that number.

New Years resolutions seem to
be all over stitchers blogs
this week. Good luck with

Hows the new stitching chair
working out???


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What a great story! I'm not a huge sports fan but my DH is a NUT for it - mostly baseball and hockey and my kids have definitely heard the screaming!

Carolyn NC said...

Wide world of sports - what a memory! Isn't that one with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat? I still remember that poor skier! Yes, football is rampant in my house. Grew up with it and Dh loves it too!

Sonda in OR said...

Thanks to my FIL and my husband, there was plenty of football in our house over the holidays! Not that our boys or I were watching... Anyway, hope you have a wonderful 2010!

sea gull lights said...
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