Monday, January 11, 2010

Baking Day

Cookie Duty

Those words strike fear into a woman's heart, if she has forgotten her designated day of duty! I've been there, arriving at church ready for worship only to have your heart stop when you read YOUR name under cookie duty for that very day. The nearby Safeway has probably seen quite a number of frantic Grace Church women in their checkout lines on Sunday morning over the years.

But yesterday was not one of those days for me. I remembered and scheduled all of Saturday to be in the kitchen. While waiting for the butter to soften, I made four loaves of sandwich bread and a pan of cinnamon rolls. Then I made nine dozen snickerdoodles and nine dozen chocolate chip cookies. That does me in for one day! Seven dozen of those were for coffee time after church, six dozen went into the freezer for Good News Club, and the rest are for us - they'll last about five more minutes. :)

While all this busyness was going on, my DH decides it's a good time to go out into the garage and bring in some dusty boxes to go through. While I always encourage organizing and decluttering, I don't appreciate the dusty boxes in my kitchen while I'm baking. So he was shuffled over a few feet away into the dining room. Oh the treasures he found - boxes of old power cords, floppy disks, computer mouse with track ball - things he was at last ready to let go of!

There were treasures in some of those boxes though. Like my dfil's bronze star from WWII.

He also found a box of things from his grandfather. Things like the class ring from the 1916 graduating class of Corvallis, Oregon, and various pins from his days in the Ag. Dept. of the State of Oregon.

There was one other very special treasure in that box - a caponizing kit.

Anyone have any roosters we can practice on?


Carolyn NC said...

LOL - caponizing chickens does not sound fun! But how cool to have found the treasures from the family. And yum yum!

doris said...

Rooster caponizing: an activity that won't be added to my list of hobbies and accomplishments. Ew.

Call me anytime, though, that you're in need of a baked goods taste tester. Mmmmmmm.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Yeah, I'll not be caponizing any roosters, either!

Great treasures your DH found though and your cookies (snickerdoodles are a fav of mine) and bread and rolls sound YummY!

Kathy A. said...

Oh those poor chickens - I hope that piece was donated somewhere!
What a great treasure to find those medals and other wonderful things.
Oh, I want to come to your house on baking day - well - maybe not- I might eat a whole tray of snickerdoodles. If you cooked too many, I would be happy to send you my address and I will take a bunch off your hands LOL.

bathroom lights said...

I love bread!

Lynn said...

I had that sinking feeling last week when I arrived at church for choir practice and realized I was on for treats. Oh No! Where can I find goodies nearby? The local IGA store has closed and I must travel halfway across town before I can find what I need. I hate store-bought treats, ugh!

Jenna said...

Caponizing? Never heard of it. Now I need to go look it up. LOL. It's always wonderful when the other half actually initiates a clean-up session, is it?!