Thursday, November 19, 2009


Each day that goes by mocks me and my to-do list. As soon as one task is crossed off, another two or three take its place in an ever-expanding game of whack-a-mole!! And thus it is that the days slip away and nothing is written here on my lonely little blog.

Some stitching has been accomplished in the last couple of weeks, mostly in the creating of six tiny hardanger Christmas ornaments which were sold at my church's silent auction last Friday.

Here is an in-progress snap of the ornaments, shown with my apologies for the poor quality. Unfortunately I failed to get a photo of the finished ornies, but they were quite well received at the auction, as was my Cinnamon Swirl Bread. :)

The photo above was taken with my new Motorola Droid cell phone, and you can see that I'm having to relearn another gadget with various degrees of success! While the iPhones we previously used worked mostly fine for me, with dropped calls now and then, they were an abyssmal failure for our business partners who had no service at all in their home and the guys had nothing, or next-to-no service, at the office. Verizon's service is much better here in the Tri-Cities and I am enjoying the excellent screen resolution when I read blogs on the Droid. My biggest complaint is that Bejewelled is not available yet, but I'm sure time will resolve that issue. :)

The new year has started for American Heritage Girls (rather like Girl Scouts) and this year I am teaching the Pioneer class, five girls mostly in 7th grade. About half of our troop participated in the Veterans Day parade in West Richland, where the wind was blowing, but at least the sun was shining too. We've also just completed a food drive for our local 2nd Harvest food bank and I snapped a pick of the girls after they had helped to load up the mini-van.

This fall I have also taken on the role of Story Hour leader/story teller. Story Hour is a preschool Bible program that runs in conjunction with the ladies Bible study on Friday mornings. I really enjoy being with preschoolers and this has given me the opportunity to get out my Betty Lukens felt set once again, and the children seem to be fascinated with this low-tech story delivery system, lol!

Well, I'd better wrap this up for now - it's time to bake another batch of bread for the family. I hope to be able to get around to visit with you on your blog sometime soon!


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I can sure relate to the "to do" list!! Things seem to take longer to accomplish lately especially when it comes to the house...getting the plumber and the floor guys together have been challenging to get some fixing up done in the upstairs bathroom...seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

Cathy B said...

It was nice to hear from you Von; I can relate to your list problem - the same thing is happening to me!

Your hardanger ornaments were beautiful I'm sure!

Brigitte said...

Your hardanger stitching looks so beautiful.
Oh yes, those to do lists can sometimes be overwhelming. Particularly when Christmas time approaches.

Andrea said...

Your ornaments look very pretty and extremely intricate. I'm not surprised they were well received.

a woman who is said...

Sounds like your fall ramped up as well as mine...oh I miss summer! I got my new D.A. rose catalog, and I will be dreaming of summer all winter through it =]

doris said...

I feel your to-do list pain. What could be better than cinnamon swirl bread? I can't think of a thing. Except maybe your Hardanger ornaments.