Saturday, June 06, 2009


Days ago I promised pics of the stitching I did over Memorial Day weekend while camping. At long last, I will show you the pitiful amount I accomplished. First off is the hardanger heart from the Count Your Blessings VS retreat project. To finish it, I cut the threads, wove the bars and put in two dove's eyes. There is a charm for the center which will be attached when the heart is stitched to the finished larger project.

I also stitched the little scissor fob design which took very little time, but will be so sweet finished up.

A Quaker Study also received my attention that weekend, but really it's just more of the same and an updated picture would be so redundant. Currently I'm signed up for a Victoria Sampler cyberclass, Butterfly Lace, and that is what I need to be starting this weekend.

We've had some really great weather lately (with a nice thunderstorm thrown in) so my attentions have been drawn outside to the work I have out in the garden. My rose garden is what really keeps me going. I just love this little part of my yard. On Thursday I added one more rose, Blue Girl, and that will be the last addition, unless I need to replace a shrub in the future. All the backbreaking work I did in this garden has paid off greatly. Digging the hole for my new rose the other day was such a pleasure - not one rock did I see! Truly amazing for this patch of ancient river bed!

Graham Thomas

Glamis Castle


These are the beautiful parts of my garden. Sometime soon I'll share with you the areas that I've been working on that aren't so beautiful. :)

In the meantime, thank you for stopping by and sharing a bit of your time with me. I hope to be around your neck of the web real soon!


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Your hardanger heart and little fob flower are both beautiful, but your real flowers are just amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics, CJ ok;-)

Patti said...

Your hardanger heart is just gorgeous and I love the stitching for the little fob and can't wait to see it done. I love all your roses. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Siobhan said...

Your hardanger heart is so pretty! Love the fob, too. Beautiful garden, Von! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Dianne said...

All beautiful shares!

Karoline said...

The heart and fob are gorgeous Von and your garden looks lovely

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Your stitchery is lovely, Von, but I can just smell the roses from here! Oh, how wonderful!! No wonder you've been busy in the garden. Keep posting pics of your roses, please. Hugs, Deb

Lennu said...

Your stitching looks so lovely and I just LOVE the photos of your roses! They are gorgeous :)

Andrea said...

Your WIPs are really pretty. Love the garden, it's blooming lovely!

Michele said...

Love your finishes! Can't wait to see the sweet fob :) Your hardanger is lovely!

and I am drooling over your roses! wonderful!

Brigitte said...

Two very nice finishes.
Your garden looks so beautiful with all those flowers. Roses - some of my favourites.