Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer Planning

The last couple of days I've spent a good part of the day thinking, researching, plotting, budgeting, reserving - all those things one must do for a family (six adult-sized people now) road trip vacation. My head is spinning with hotels, amenities, parking fees, transit routes, suite vs. two room variations, park entry fees, and all this is just for four days of our planned ten day vacation. But these four days will be the most action-packed since DH and I are taking the kids to Disneyland. Packing up the trailer and heading out is soooo much easier!

One big hurdle was jumped today when I made reservations for a two bedroom suite at a motel in Anaheim. It's very budget, but I figure we won't be spending that much time at the rooms anyway so why pay for more? What I did pay a bit extra for - two bathrooms! So. . . worth. . . it! The rest of the morning I looked at routes to Sequoia National Park and Yosemite NP and lodging possibilities. Yikes - made planning for Disneyland look easy! So I think we'll be staying in places like Visalia and Merced at a budget motel and doing drive throughs. With our time/budget/family constraints that's the way to go.

Back in 2000 DH took Geoff, Melanie and Brendan down to Long Beach, CA, when Geoff qualified to play in the Pokemon Super Trainer Showdown on the Queen Mary. They packed themselves up in a tiny Geo Metro and whisked off to SoCal.

Brendan, Geoff, and Melanie at the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
July 2000

They took a few days extra and went to Disneyland too. Nine years later it's time to do it again with Brendan, Kevin, Kyle, and Kirsten, in our Expedition which will be much more comfortable than that tiny Metro. :D


Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Good luck with your planning!

Kathy A. said...

Good job there girl. I know how much work goes into planning trips. Looks like you have it well under control.
Lucky family to have such a well organized leader

Deb said...

Aren't vacations a lot of work. When you're done, you almost need a vacation to rest up from your vacation! LOL But it sounds like you're going to have an absolutely wonderful time! And you're right about the budget rooms - you never spend any time in them anyway, so why pay a lot! Good luck with the rest of your planning!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dear Von, How I remember those days of holiday planning. The thing I learned very early is "have no expectations!" That way, I wasn't disappointed if the children didn't like someplace or something...if the hotels were a hassle...if the food was awful...etc..!! LOL When I look back now, I think it was all wonderful!! I know your vacation will be, too. Thanks for stopping by to say "hi." BTW What will you use the Cuddlebug for with respect to stitching? I'm very curious. Could you make those egg=shaped thread holders with it?? Hugs, Deb

samplerlover said...

Hi Von,
It sounds as if you are going to have a wonder trip.
I can relate to the bathroom issues. Our loo is in the bathroom and when there were 5 of us living here it was always a nightmare. Now that there are 3 it is still a nightmare lol.
Have a lovely holiday. - Sandra.

Siobhan said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip, Von! I'd be more interested in the countryside than DL itself--but I've been to DW a few times and it is a blast! I can't wait to go along with you via pictures. :)

mainely stitching said...

Multiple bathrooms do bring joy to large families. LOL! Have fun!

Lili said...

And it's such a great family time to look forward to!
We've been to Disneyland Paris (we're three hours driving from there) with the kids four of five times for one day each time. Well, that's just too little time and I hope we'll make it a couple of days in the future...
When will you go there?
Always great to visit you blog and to hear from you, sweet Von.
Many hugs,