Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break Week

At last; the long-awaited spring break has arrived. I have determined not to sleep in too late crawling out of bed at 7:30 this morning, which I think is about right. Any later than that and I feel like the entire day has gotten away from me from the start.

Since I last posted, Kirsten has signed up for a city softball league, playing on a team of girls mostly from Calvary Christian School which includes a few of her friends. She has been so eager to play again since her taste of softball two years ago on a YMCA coach-pitch team. Today was her first practice which she thoroughly enjoyed. While she was practicing I sat in the car waiting for her stitching away on A Quaker Study.

As you can see I haven't made much progress since my last AQS report. Today I had to frog a motif that had been misplaced so didn't get as far as I wanted. After weighing my options for an alternate to the Chimney Sweep GA overdye (blackish/brown) I'm using, I ordered another entire Winter package of the special overdyes that Chimney Sweep is a part of. Colonial Crafts had the floss package in stock at a good price and in a short time, it was in my mailbox! One reason I hadn'tmade more progress on AQS is that I didn't want to stitch more until I had made a decision about the black floss. Now that I have enough to finish the project, and with more softball practices on the horizon, you should be seeing regular progress. :)

On Friday Kirsten and I did a quick run-through of the Tri-Cities Quilters' Guild quilt show held at the Three Rivers Convention Center. I let Kirsten take some pictures which are too blurry to post (but she's happy with them), but this one of my favorite quilt isn't too bad.

It's difficult to see, but the quilting in the ecru portions of the quilt is outstanding. Click the pic for a better look.

On Saturday, dd Melanie and I attended a wedding while DH and Kirsten braved Snoqualmie Pass and the snow to see a gps exhibition at Pacific Science Center in Seattle. Sometimes you have to spread the family thin in order to do more of what we want to do. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time catching up with friends we don't have an opportunity to see very often.

Well, I think that will be it for now. Somehow I've gotten terribly behind on my blog reading and it's time to do laundry again. And tomorrow will bring some fun and challenge as I'm meeting a friend for coffee in the morning, then I must rent a steamer in an effort to remove wallpaper in Kirsten's bedroom. Fun times. :D


tintocktap said...

Wow - that quilt is just beautiful! Wish I could have a spring break too - oh well, not too long until Easter!

Carolyn NC said...

Nice that you can use the chauffering time to stitch! I well remember those days - too bad I wasn't stitching much then! AQS is coming along very nice - very pretty. You're right - the quilting in the ecru of the quilt is outstanding! Very impressive. Take care.

Terri said...

I wish I'd have been able to visit with you at the wedding!! We had a group heading to our house afterwards for dinner and I was very distracted trying to scoot out and get cooking. Do we wait for the next wedding to see each other? wasn't it Jenny's before this one that we visited?

mainely stitching said...

Sounds busy! But your stitching looks GREAT!

Patti said...

Love the stitching as per and you sure had a fab week and that quilt is awesome. Love Patti xxx

Siobhan said...

I love the progress on your Quaker Study! That quilt--FABULOUS! Enjoy your spring break!

Katrina said...

Wow, very busy few days for you :-).

Your Quaker study is so pretty.

Cindy F. said...

Von, I LOVE your Quaker piece! The colors are gorgeous!
Beautiful quilt!