Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

Some days I spend way too much time neglecting my laundry clicking away here on my computer. Recently I've started a Twitter account as well as a Goodreads account (see my sidebar). My 5yo grandson has a new Goodreads account with quite a list of books he's read so far and Nana must keep up with his reading and comments on some of the books! As for Twitter, DH started up with it and I followed him. There is a good group of local businesspeople on Twitter, some of whom I follow after a recent tweetup I went to with Gary. He follows other geek types, I'm trying to figure out what Twitter can do for me besides waste my time.

A few of the bloggers I visit are also on Twitter, sometimes sending out a link to another website or article of interest. Today I thought I'd pass along some of those to you.

If you are a fan of all things vintage, visit Dawn at The Feathered Nest. She creates some amazing things from the most ordinary objects.

Mom Advice is a website focused on women of the mom persuasion, obviously. :) It has a breezy, witty style along with lots of great reading and ideas for every day family living.

When my brain can't take any more of the clutter I live with there are places on the web I can visit and pretend it's my place, a Nesting Place. The Nester says it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful (I like that!), and she shares lots of ideas for creating a beautiful home.

This page at Modish has gathered a nice assortment of creative spaces. That first pic is gorgeous, but I'm not sure the workspace is large enough for me. :D Go have a look and be inspired!

I'm sure of of you are already reading this blog. I believe the author's name is Jurga and she makes some of the sweetest embroidered items. Her blog is the sweetest eye candy.
Tangled Things

Are you ready for the cutest, easiest little craft? These paper birds will surely bring springtime to your home! Homespun Oasis

Here's a listing I think all moms can relate to: 10 Mathematical Truths Parenthood has Taught Me.

I hope you're able to visit a few of these links and that the contents spark an idea, spur you to action, or just make you smile.


Carolyn NC said...

Nice links - thanks!

Patti said...

Thanks so much for all the links. I also went and saw what Twitter was but haven't registered YET! Love Patti xxx

Kendra said...

I signed up at Twitter just yesterday, although I don't know that I really get what it is. Maybe if I play around with it I'll catch on...???

My name over there is Kendra311 if you want to add me, or look me up, or whatever it is one does to find friends on Twitter...LOL!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the links. Since I am about to design a new studio space, I went right over to Modish. I love the studio designed by Laney. Just the right amount of organized clutter. I even joined the Flickr group.

I've been on Twitter forever (kd9), but although I read tweets a lot, I rarely post. I like (kd9) so much better since it is a smaller community and the posts are threaded. You never lose track of what you are talking about to whom.

Mylene said...

Thanks for sharing the links.