Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Glimpse of the Sun

After a bit of a snowfall last night, the sun came out for a brief visit this morning. I was struck by the shadow on the fence, something I've seen very little of this winter.

Wednesday is Cadet and American Heritage Girls day around here. Kyle had cookie duty for Cadets and wanted to make a cookie pizza. Since the sun was shining, I felt like doing a little bit of baking in my kitchen - after all, I don't do much baking, lol.

Deciding to keep it easy, I just followed the recipe (doubled, of course) on the chocolate chip package and soon had the dough whirring in my mixer.

I plopped about half of the dough on a pizza pan, baking it for quite a long time.

The end result made a whole lot of boys happy this afternoon. :)

Not this boy, though. No chocolate chips for him! So he went to pout on his perch next to the window.

By the time we left for Cadets/AHG, the clouds had rolled back over the landscape. I think I'll console myself with my stitching tonight. There's a new, small project on my q-snaps that I'll show you real soon!


Carolyn NC said...

Looks delicious!

Patti said...

Poor little dog! Get him some doggie chocolate but the cookies look very very yummy! Can I have one please?

Annemarie said...

Ooh, a new project!
The chocolate pizza sounds very interesting and yummy. And oh my, I love your dog!

Mylene said...

The chocolate chisounds yummy!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Von, what a lovely picture!

Siobhan said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! :) The cookie pizza looks wonderful! Is it Toll House? YUMM-o! Your Quaker Study WIP is beautiful!

Dianne said...

I could go for a chocolate chip cookie about that size!
I like your first photo too!

Lelia said...

Oh man ... that looks great!!! I have a couple pizza stones & maybe should try it

Nancy in IL said...

I have a flat and a deep dish pizza pan, and you just gave me a great idea!

Why is it that I alway just love, love, love your stitching? Quaker Study is a design I've never even seen, but you make me want to look for it, and I love the colors you're using, whether they're the "called for" colors or not. I know how good you are at choosing your own. This is going to be a lovely piece!

Thanks for your visit to my blog and the idea of salvaging my dish towel with some washing and an iron. ;-)