Monday, January 12, 2009

A First Birthday for Ilse

Friday, the 9th, was actually Ilse's birthday, but all her family (in town) gathered on Sunday afternoon to celebrate. Mystie prepared a soup lunch and the rest of us all brought a dish or something to share. On Friday, Kirsten made a nice 3-layer decorated cake for a cake auction which we bought back to take to the party Sunday.

At Christmas Ilse experienced her first sugar cookie (she was quite rapturous over it), yesterday she had her first bite of cake.
Ilse needed a little help unwrapping gifts and her two brothers were happy to help her. Once the doll was out of the box, however, she was not willing for them to play with it.

After all the excitement the little Miss had to take a bit of a rest, so some played card games, some visited, Papa (my DH) read books to Jaeger, and Hans read some of his Little Bear book to me.


Kathy A. said...

What a beautiful little girls! Those blue eyes are just gorgeous. Looks like she had a grand birthday.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Von,

I was so delighted to find you
comment on my blog today. I've
been lurking around your blog
for about two years now (pause
here for blushing and stammering)
but I don't think I've ever left
a comment before. I'm shy.


Anyways, it's hard to believe
little Ilse is a year old already.
And isn't she the little sweetie?
That doll looks to be about the
same size that she is.

Morning rituals was a fun post
to read. I start my morning
with two cups of tea. That
never changes. Fortunately
with tea you just toss the
bags in the pot and add boiling
water. However, I must admit
that the aroma of fresh ground
and perked coffee is heavenly
and a grand way to wake up.
Too bad I don't like the taste
of coffee.

Love all the little ornaments
that you've started/stitched
from the JCS Ornaments mags.
I've yet to do anything from
this years magazine myself but
I do have my eye on several
of the designs. Merry by
Glory Bee is one of them.
It's so pretty and I love the
centres of the poinsettia
flowers. (is that what they

Hope the Xmas packing is
almost done for this year and
those last, lingering boxes
put away till next time.
Glad to see the mess gone,
but sad to see the tree down.

Nice to talk with ya Von.


Dianne said...

What a dear little girl! Thanks for sharing some photos Von.

Myrna said...

What a little darling!

I've enjoyed your photos, and your stitching is beautiful... I didn't make anything out of the last ornament issue. There is still time, right?

Thanks for stopping by, and your kind thoughts on DH. We are praying for good news!

Myrna :-)

Sharon said...

Aww, Happy belated Birthday Ilse!

Lynn said...

What a cutie! Sure looks like she enjoyed her birthday. My granddaughter wasn't much interested in her doll either. She played with the bow and wrap instead!