Friday, November 21, 2008

November Stitching

When I'm not falling asleep in my chair after dinner, I sometimes get a little stitching done. At times I need a design that does not tax my brain, so I started this one from the 2008 JCS ornament issue by My Big Toe Designs. It's ending up a bit large for an ornament, so perhaps it would make a nice flatfold.

When I can concentrate, I've been working on this envelope pocket, started as a smocking guild project. Actually, it wasn't too taxing until I started needleweaving and making the webs, which were supposed to include picots. The picots just didn't turn out that great for me, so I'm skipping them. At last night's guild meeting, Monica had her pocket stitched and finished. It turned out so nice!

Other parts of my life are going along per usual. My AHG Explorer class continues to be lots of fun, especially with a smaller class this year. We have just finished the Our Flag badge and have started the cooking badge with this fun project - a recipe book.

It's really nice to use some of my stash and tools for projects with my girls.

And now we begin the weekend and I, for once, have nothing to take me out of the house - till Sunday of course. I really should take this opportunity to put together some Christmas cards, and take a few stitching breaks. :D

Have a great weekend!


Cathy B said...

Hi Von - I can't wait to see your finished Hardanger pocket - what you;ve done so far is beautiful!

Mylene said...

Your hardanger looks great. Can't wait to see it finish.

karenv said...

Another one who loves the Hardanger - very pretty piece!

Karoline said...

The hardanger is gorgeous

Kath said...

Hardanger is just so addictive, I love it too. I am with you on the picots tho Von, rarely do I stitch them.

Lovely to see you!

Lili said...

Lovely hardanger!
I've been eyeing this peace ornie as well. It's very beautiful.
Hugs, dear Von!

Andrea said...

A gorgeous hardanger piece. One day I will learn how! I love the Peace ornament.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Von that ornament is just lovely! I'll have to keep in mind to stitch it over one when I get to it!

Elisabeth Braun said...

That hardanger envelope affair looks terrific! I'm looking forward to stitching up another hardanger pillow over the winter break.=)