Friday, October 31, 2008

A Little Halloween Fun

The trick-or-treaters have gone home, the kids are quiet, DH is resting (trying to get over a cold), so I thought I'd play around with my blog template tonight. I've admired so many wonderful layouts over the years, but have not been brave enough to branch out and try an independent design. Well, if anyone else is scared like me, don't be - it was painless. :D

Life in the Paulson household was a bit off this week with the twins coming home after school at a normal time; they even returned to karate practice on Tuesday evening. This afternoon Kirsten went to a Halloween party at a friend's home, then the two girls returned here to trick or treat in our neighborhood and have a sleepover. Let's see. . . tomorrow afternoon is the regional x-country meet in Richland, just a few mintues away, that we might drop in on. The boys will want to cheer on the Kamiakin varsity team. Then DH and I will be having dinner with a group of friends from church in the evening. So Saturday should be a nice day.

Except that it's November!!! Good grief!!!

O.k., let's not think about the holidays that are coming all too soon.

Last weekend was our annual Women's Retreat in Spokane at the Bozarth Mansion. It's always an amazing weekend, restful and refreshing - this year in particular as in our free Saturday afternoon my friend Molly and I took a great walk down into the valley just behind the mansion. The weather was glorious! And there were other visitors on the grounds.

After our walk I settled into a chair by the window and got to work on Dani's nrr, making great progress. Thanks for all your kind comments on my addition to her piece! An, the castle design is by Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams, as are most of the designs I believe. Castles and fantasy themes are not my usual thing, so it was fun to work on once I'd chosen a design - and got it to my house!

It's time I ended this day and faced the fact that tomorrow will be . . . November.


Becky K in OK said...

The redesign looks great. I need to re-do mine, but just too lazy.

Dianne said...

I'm glad you had a nice retreat. It looks so pretty there.
Great castle stitching too. Everything you stitch turns out well.
I like your blog design, the dark background is neat.

Stitch Wizard said...

Your blog just looks fabulous! Wow I love it! I had to change mine so everyone could come in and comment and I was pretty scared to do it but so glad I did! Debby :)

Connie Dunton said...

Oooohhh! I like your new template! One time I changed it and lost all my content!! I've been chicken to try it again! I may have to look into it one of these days again!

Barbara said...

It's going WAY too fast, isn't it, Von? I mean ... we're counting down to Christmas in days now, not months! YIKES!

Sonda in OR said...

The new template looks wonderful!

Alison said...

Hi Von! Thank you so much for visiting my Squirrel blog :-) and for your warm wishes, I was relieved to finish my Masters,it was a slog but worth it in the end I visited your blog, and as normal, it is such a terrific read! I love finding out all the latest news on your amazing family and how busy you are - Super Woman :-) look forward to lots more exchanges! xx