Monday, October 20, 2008

Blogging Doldrums

I'm still around, making a stealth comment on a blog now and then, but otherwise going with the flow of fall activities, i.e. getting boys off to school, housework, schooling Kirsten, picking up boys from x-country practice, and attending meets, teaching my Explorers (AHG) class, church, etc. Now and then I get in a few stitches, so that's some progress, right?!

Freshmen race at Sunfair, Yakima, WA

The end of cross country season for my freshman boys is this week with one last meet in Wenatchee on Thursday. I'm so proud of their participation on the team, their hard work and the improvement they've made. The last two meets Kyle has just barely squeaked by Kevin at the finish line, making for some fun competition between the two that all the team has enjoyed. Twins are rather interesting to have around!

Kevin and Kyle reaching the crest of the hill at Carmichael MS, Richland, WA

Just to prove to you all that I have done a bit of stitching, here is Dani's nrr almost completed.

And this is Envelope Pocket from Janice Love's Hardanger Basics and Beyond, which I'm doing with my smocking guild. I'm working on tan-colored lugana with a cotton overdye thread I've had in my stash forever. Wish I could get a pic that showed the colors better. Maybe next time!

And until then, take care my friends.


shakatak66 said...

Sounds like you've been super busy of late! Your stitching is lovely - and I can't wait to see your pocket finished :D

Sharon said...

Well as long as you are still around-we'll take a stealth comment or two-LOL With all those things going on-I for one can't blame you that blogging has fallen way down on the list!

Dani's NRR looks fantastic and I love the pocket. Take care Von!

Lili said...

Ditto Sharon!
You must be very proud of the twins. I wish my daughter would run as well, she has so much energy to spend...
Your stitching is exquisite, Von. I'm amazed at your skills...
Your homeschooling is a great adventure, I think I would've loved my mum to do that for me... but I also think that my kids would hate me to do that for them... Lol!
It's always great to hear from you.
Take care,

Stitchingranny said...

I love the little castle and that hardanger pocket looks as though its going to turn out very pretty.

Barbara said...

Life sure does get busy, doesn't it? No fair - I want more play time! LOL! It's great to hear from you. :)

Dianne said...

Seems to be a lot of running children of stitchers in blogland. My husband ran through high school and college and Sean was on the team for a bit in high school.
Great stitching pieces too!
I'll see you on Facebook!

Lynn said...

I know all about those blogging doldrums. Although I have managed a few posts of my own, I'm sadly behind in my reading of others' blogs. At one point it was the blogs or stitching, now I've not got the time for either!